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Frank Love on Relationships

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Participants will be able to determine when and how he/she is not being loving; and what to do about it.

It isn’t hard for most of us to be offended and subsequently defensive.  However, this is slippery slope that can lead to the demise of a relationship.  The fear of being hurt and rejected is real, yet beneath that we want to be loved. Learn how to find the withholding and also what to do about and with it.

Frank Love on Relationships

Break-Up Conversation That Bring You Two Closer

Participants will discover how hard conversations early can create lasting relationships.

Falling for that special person can be like a ball rolling downhill. It’s easy. Inertia can cause things to unfold faster than the considerations that are worth giving attention to. The problem is there are also an inordinate number of relationships that break-up too. Learn the importance conversations and perspectives to bring to your relationship so that if the possible occurs, you and your partner can be and remain on good terms.

Frank Love on Relationships

How to Get the Love That You Desperately Want

Participants will how to create the loving atmosphere that will permeate his/her entire relationship.

We all want to be loved and accepted. This is a vulnerable understanding to have and admit. Yet it remains the case. What is the most tried and true way to get the love and acceptance that you want? To give it. Frank will teach you how to give the love that you want.

Frank Love on Relationships

Fatherhood: Closeness is Key

Fathers will learn and be reminded of the importance of cultivating love and closeness with their children, not only discipline.

Fathers are often relied on and expected to be disciplinarians.  They are frequently the muscle of the household and the punishers of the children.  While this is a role that has importance, it is equally important for fathers to engender closeness and love in their relationship with their children.  Fathers will be reminded of the need to love, hug and embrace their children, so that the discipline is clearly coming from a loving place.

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