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September 12, 2016by Frank Love0


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If you think you need food to live, our guest has a contrasting message for you.  Stay tuned to see what he has to say … on this edition of Frank Relationships.



Guests: Elitom El-Amin
Date: September 12, 2016

Frank: If you think you need food to live, our guest has a contrasting message for you. Stay tuned to see what he has to say … on this edition of Frank Relationships.

Yes. As always, those are my babies. Thanks for getting daddy’s daughter today.

Bretharian, Elitom El-Amin is with us today and I’m curious… Is a healthy life without food even possible?

Elitom: Oh yes it is. Actually, it’s one of the best manifestations of spirit that I could see a person manifest in his realm. To go on his journey, to clean yourself out, to clean your cells, to go on deeper levels, to clean the negativity within of mine is so powerful that when you begin this journey, it’s like a jack-in-a-box even when you want to turn backwards and put it down, it just keep coming up inside of you, coming up inside to continue on the journey….

Frank: Are you saying a lifestyle of fasting is a good thing or is it something else? I mean, I have no idea what you just said to me.

Elitom: Okay. Now fasting, there are scientific proofs that living a life with fasting within the lifestyle is a healthier lifestyle, don’t eat three meals a day or eating constantly. So that is proof right there… But living on prana, or being a bretharian is not fasting at all because what’s taking place is a reprogramming of the cells and body. They even tell you in psychology, most of your decisions come from your subconsciousness, but where’s your subconsciousness? You got the conscious and these words [unclear] mess people up.

You got to keep in my that your body, your physical body is an extension of your mind. All of your life experiences and your education and everything else actually went into the cells of the body. And the way that you were educated, your life’s experiences, the family you came into, and everything else actually set up a program just like download the program in a computer, and that’s what’s actually dictate your reality.

So when you go into being a bretharian, there’s a process taking place where you’re actually downloading a new program with inside you. There’s a process, and the more and more you get into this process, the stronger and stronger the body becomes, it takes on this new process and then it creates a new reality. This is a science.

Frank: There are actually… I’ve read about some studies that support what you’re saying. But I’m not comfortable just saying “some studies” say this. I mean, share some convincing details…

Elitom: Okay. Now I should tell you the true life’s experiences.

Frank: Alright, I’m listening.

Elitom: To show you how this work because you’re actually retraining the body and retraining the mind. Once you retrain it to go a certain direction, it will carry it out if you stick with it. Now years ago, I started fasting once a week to put that end to my lifestyle on a 24-hour fast.

Nancy: Why?

Elitom: And I did this for health purposes and also for religious purposes at that time. I was with the Hebrew- Israelites, they fast once a week on a Sabbath… So all of that with the program. We were also vegan. So going that to this [unclear] 24-hour fast. At first it was real hard. Me and a friend of mine, we couldn’t wait ‘til the fast was over. It even got to the point we’ll be waiting outside the restaurant for the time to be up.

But one day, over a period of time, it didn’t take long because the body’s like a rubber band. Once we’ve catch on that new habit, that new program, it [unclear] carry it out. So one day, we were sitting outside the restaurant, we were in this good conversation… Two hours later, we forgot that the fast was over. So from that time period forward, the fast was now easy. The fast was now integrated within our lifestyle. The body was conditioned to pick up a new program to where it was nothing to fast for 24 hours with no food and no water. The body became so strong that even on a Saturday, going on a fast, I’ll be mowing the yard. That’s how the body picked up a new program. But what made this different from fasting to going bretharianism, once I learned the different meditations and how to reprogram the body, you’re actually talking to it because there’s many great writings while woman put out watch what you think or watch what you say, the body’s listening…

So you’re putting in this new program and the body basically, to tell the body to get all its minerals, vitamins and nutrients from other sources. Now imagine, not only am I a vegan at that time… that does fast going once a week, now I’m in an energy work and meditation, all of this is incorporated together and this is what I teach because just through meditation, you are actually filling the energy flow.

A lot of people don’t even know they’re living in a system of energy. Energy’s all around you. So when you learn chakra meditations, bringing this energy into the body, you may find your hunger ceases. You’ll have more energy, you’ll sleep less. Right there, our indications that the body is receiving more energy from the atmospheric forces.

Nancy: You mean with like the… maybe tai chi and qi gong, and stuff like that?

Elitom: Absolutely.

Nancy: That’s what’s happening?

Elitom: Yes. Because tai chi is basically a meditation of movement and yoga is actually a meditation of stillness. So whatever fits you, there’s many types of meditations, you know, do the way you are at a time in life, what fits you. Each and every one of them will work.

Spiritual practices will work when you stay with them and stay dedicated. It’s what gets the body jumpstarted to bring more energy within the body because it’s all about energy.

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Greetings to my super duper co-host, Nancy Goldring.

Nancy: Hi, Frank.

Frank: Hello, how are you?

Nancy: I’m great. And you?

Frank: I’m great.

Nancy: Excellent.

Frank: We’ve got a fascinating guest today. He’s a holistic practitioner, researcher, lecturer and author of the book “It’s Okay to be Healthy”. He’s also the author of the forth coming “Human Photosynthesis 101”—that’s another book. He studied light synthesis and the atomic changes in nature that sustain the human body for health and well being for over a decade. He’s also demystified the human photosynthesis process of living on light—that’s right, not food and not water but living on light.

So, if you like me, want to know if I’m joking… about whether we’re actually investigating the possibility of living on light, if there’s research to support it, and why in the world anyone would want to do it, then stay tuned as your Frank Relationships team talk about bretharianism with Elitom El-Amin.

Welcome to the show.

Elitom: Thank you.

Frank: Before we get too deep in today’s subject matter, we’re going to check in to see what’s going on in the news and Elitom, I don’t want you to be bashful. I want you to weigh in with your thoughts too. To kick it off, did you know that there were people in the world—this is a fetish conversation—there are people in the world that want to buy and wear your used underwear.

Nancy: And wear them?

Frank: And… I think? Wear—yes… And I’m not saying where they want to wear… they want to wear them on their head…

Nancy: Oh so… Okay, alright. How used are we talking?

Frank: I saw an article where this person wore the underwear the same draws for three weeks.

Nancy: Oh my god… [unclear] be style… Three weeks!

Frank: Yeah.

Nancy: Who would even wear their underwear for three weeks, Frank?

Frank: I guess if you can sell them to somebody who wanted to purchase them for a healthy sum.

Nancy: A healthy sum? How healthy are we talking about?

Frank: I don’t know…

Nancy; Oh my goodness…

Frank: I don’t know what the healthy sum is but buying someone’s….

Nancy: Just the idea is like “oh my gosh!”… Wow, fetishes… You got any, Frank?

Frank: I don’t think I do. You know people who have fetishes may not consider them fetishes.

Nancy: Festishes. This is true. No foot fetish, we know you got a flower fetish… He likes flowers.

Frank: That’s not a fetish.

Nancy: Oh I know, I know… Okay, alright. So… Wow, wow… And I think in this particular case, it turns out there’s plenty of opportunities out there to buy—

Frank: Wow.

Nancy: —these… worn underwear?

Frank: I don’t know. Jeff?

Jeff: Aside from the obvious, [unclear].

Nancy: Why not be sarcastic?

Jeff: What’s wrong with that? Nobody’s getting hurt.

Frank: Hey. I…

Jeff: You know what I mean?

Frank: I am with—

Jeff: There are a lot of worse fetishes in the world.

Nancy: Yeah, oh yeah…

Jeff: You know? So they…

Nancy: Wow. True.

Jeff: Do your thing.

Frank: I agree, I agree….

Nancy: Do your thing.

Jeff: Just don’t sit next to me with the funky, you know…

Nancy: I don’t know that ”funky” is the word… a distinct aroma…

Frank: But I think that if I came to the studio with three week old underwear that somebody else wore on my head… I think you’d have a problem with that.

Jeff: Yeah. I would.

Nancy: But do your thing. [unclear]…

Jeff: We have to open the door for a little while… but nobody’s getting hurt.

Nancy: Oh my goodness… Elitom, any fetishes? Some would consider bretharianism a fetish of some kind, a fanaticism…

Elitom: I’m still thinking about how much this is going to cost for the underwear to sell them…

Nancy: Yeah… Gosh…

Frank: What are some fetishes? Like what can you—

Nancy: I only know about foot fetish, shoe fetish…

Jeff: She looks at me like I had a whole list…

Nancy: Well because he said there are worse, I’m like “come on Jeff, what else you got?”… I mean those are the ones you hear about…

Jeff: Private school girl outfits, nurses outfits… These are fetishes, like black underwear…

Nancy: Or the maid…

Jeff: The French maid thing…

Nancy: The French maid thing…

Frank: Like the one you have on right now?

Nancy: I do not have one—how dare you?

Jeff: Leather… I guess—

Nancy: Do not [unclear] on a French maid outfit… Ooooh!

Jeff: SNM bondage kind of stuff…

Nancy: Yes, bon—oh I saw a killer picture. Oh my goodness. Oh this woman, she was dressed completely in black leather. She had this incredible boots on that laced up the front all the way like past up to her thigh…

Frank: I hear you admire [unclear]… those leather boots…

Nancy: The whole outfit and I’m totally not a bondage person… But the outfit was…

Jeff: Is her name Hilary?

Nancy: No…

Jeff: I think I saw that picture.

Nancy: I didn’t catch the name. The picture was so compelling. I wonder now if I even saved it. it was beautiful, stunning…

Frank: I’m sure if you go home and you can just take a picture again.

Nancy: Ohhh… Elitom, he is reaching today… Let me tell you…

Elitom: Oh yeah…

Nancy: Oh my goodness. Save him from himself… Oh my goodness.

Frank: Okay, alright, alright…

Nancy: Here she is. Here she is. Oh I’m sorry, Frank. She was undressed. It was just the boots that got my attention.

Frank: Oohh… Alright.

Nancy: Ooh, ooh, ooh…

Frank: Now how are you going to guide our listeners to find that picture? What do they need to do?

Nancy: Good question. I hate to post it on my Facebook page because I got it on a… There was this Facebook page that was dealing with tantra and I was looking for something though in particular… and this foreign site came out. the language was most likely Spanish…

Frank: Okay.

Nancy: And I just kept scrolling, looking for something that gave me the impression that they dealt with the English speaking audience and there was virtually nothing. But some of the images were just… you know…

Frank: Okay.

Nancy: Spellbinding like that one.

Frank: Got it. Alright. And…

Nancy: So that’s all.

Frank: The spell has been cast.

Nancy: Indeed.

Frank: Nancy’s walking around with the picture in her…

Nancy: In my phone. Yes, I’m like wow…

Frank: Alright. Issue number two. after 17 years, a woman’s husband let her take one year off of their marriage. That’s…

Nancy: That’s strong.

Frank: That’s interesting.

Nancy: Yeah.

Frank: Yeah… I mean, I’m all [unclear] but do your thing, do what’s flexible, do what works for you guys… What do you think Jeff? I mean…

Jeff: It’s quite a hall pass.

Frank: Yeah…

Nancy: [unclear] pass…

Frank: But who’s the hall pass for? Is it for him or her?

Jeff: Both.

Nancy: Well if she got the year—yeah… If she got the year off, then the passes were for both of them. And… It’s a dicey game to play.

Jeff: If she’s going to offer it up and/or allow it, then it’s for the both of them.

Nancy: Yeah.

Jeff: Absolutely.

Nancy: Yeah, yeah.

Frank: Yeah.

Jeff: I knew a couple… I was actually a kid, I was in high school where they did get divorced but they couldn’t live without one another. So they would like… they’d do come over for dinner. I think they had a kid together as well and he’d do homework with the youngster and he’d go home to his house. Three, four nights a week, they would be a couple and have that kind of relationship but they just couldn’t live WITH one another.

Frank: Yeah, yeah.

Jeff: But couldn’t live without them. I mean, it’s human nature.

Frank: You do what works.

Elitom: Yeah, exactly.

Frank: I admire people who are willing to experiment with stuff like that. I mean, because so many of us think if a certain framework doesn’t work, then we got to be apart. And don’t play with the middle at all. Okay, what if we have different places? What if we just see each other 3 days a week? What if we share different rooms?

There’s so many different variables that can be interjected or even remove to create something that’s sustainable, particularly when you care about each other. It’s fascinating to hear stories of where that has occurred.

Nancy: Okay. So I want to mention a couple of things to you.

Frank: I’m listening.

Nancy: One is called… There’s a phenomenon out there called “LAT couples”.

Frank: L-A?

Nancy: L-A-T.

Frank: T. Okay.

Nancy: So a LAT couple… LAT stands for Living Apart Together.

Frank: Interesting.

Nancy: Yeah, so there are people who get together especially mature couples… He has his established home, she has hers and…

Frank: Mature couples?

Nancy: Meaning, typically, probably…

Frank: 60?

Nancy: No. Younger.

Frank: Okay.

Nancy: Let’s say over 35, right?

Frank: Alright.

Nancy: So you’re established in your respective careers, you have your own homes and the idea of pulling these two fully established lives in one house seems a little overwhelming. So then what you have is this situation not unlike you mentioned where she comes over to his place, maybe they spend a few days at her place, maybe they spend a few days at his place… And yet they never fully dissolve their separate—

Frank: Individual life…

Nancy: —individual residences. So that’s one thing. And I believe… I can’t think of the name of the book now but there was a study done that said that that phenomenon had already reached the 1% mark in American civilization, right? So that is not something that isn’t out there, it isn’t happening.

The other thing that I want to say is that in this particular situation with the woman who gets a year pass from her husband… One of the things that happens—which is why I say it can be such a dicey thing is in that year that you spend apart doing whatever you decide you want to do, you invariably grow as people and you have experiences that when the hall pass is up and you go back to being whoever you were,—

Frank: Right.

Nancy: You know, Joe’s wife or Suzy’s husband…

Frank: Presumably that’s how you find yourself.

Nancy: You’re not that person anymore. Even if you don’t define yourself per se as that person’s husband or wife solely which nobody does, right? You’re still not the same person anymore. And so it’s not as easy to transition back once you’re—what does Einstein say? Once the mind’s been opened to… I mean, I don’t know if Einstein who said it. He says that you can’t solve a problem at the level of consciousness in which you created it.

Frank: Okay.

Nancy: Okay? So on some level, if this is a short term solution, your consciousness has now changed which means everything is different now. your world view has changed and that becomes the problem with opening a marriage.

Frank: Did you read this article?

Nancy: I did.

Frank: What happened?

Nancy: That’s what happened. She goes off [unclear] she rents an apartment, she goes off and she takes… I think a dozen lovers in a year. Her husband met one woman—well atleast he was primarily involved with one woman. A couple of her lovers were younger , her husband’s lover was younger which she said didn’t bother her and two of her lovers were women. So she goes back… Oh and the other thing is, how it worked was she was on her own Monday-Friday. Friday night, she would spend the weekend with her husband.

Frank: Over the course of that year?

Nancy: Over the course of that year. So it wasn’t like they were 100% apart for that year. So however, when she goes back when the year is up and she goes back to live with her husband after that, she finds that it isn’t what it was, it isn’t easy as it was. And they are not the same people that they were even though they still love each other, care for each other. Things are just different.

So the agreement was that they not… You know, which is typically the agreement… Just don’t go run off and fall in love with somebody. So she and her husband decide to separate and they do. They divorced amicably but they do divorced. And one of the men who she had had a liaison with contacted her like kind of randomly months later… And she said of all the men that she had involved her—or should I say people that she had been involved with, her relationship with him was the most satisfying. He was the most provocative for her. And so she’s married to him now. They’ve been married for 5 years.

So I just… I thought wow… This is such a heavy thing. People decide that they want to do something different, try something new and… It’s the minute—it’s funny because Master Yao talks about this. He’s someone that we’ve had on the show. We’ve sponsored the show. He talks about how the minute sex comes into an equation, it changes you and it changes everything irrevocably. But when I say sex, sex is happening everywhere. It’s happening in nature, it’s happening amongst men and women. This whole… It’s a union of new energies and what’s old is done. So that’s the opportunity and the risk in doing something like that.

Frank: When you say “it’s heavy”, it’s interesting because in the concept of heaviness, I feel like there’s some right and wrong in there. I’m not saying you’re saying that.

Nancy: I don’t even—I definitely am not saying that it’s right and wrong. I’m saying it in terms of what’s possible, what can come out of it is rarely aligned with our expectations.

Frank: Interesting.

Nancy: And where these things can go is so radically outside of what we anticipated that how it comes back around for me is like when I say heavy, it’s like wow… Like out [unclear] field kind of thing.

Frank: Elitom, what do you think about any of this? We… Well, interestingly enough, this is the longest I have ever heard Nancy talk on the show without me saying a word, like you were in the zone just a minute ago.

Nancy: Wow.

Frank: Yeah.

Nancy: I’m back. I didn’t realize I was in the zone.

Frank: You were doing your thing. I was just saying “hmm, okay, yeah”. You were doing—this was… you took over. That’s great. It’s great. Okay, what do you have to add to this?

Elitom: Oh I thought it’s happened many times and all the times. Every time there’s an energy change, you’re away from your partner, you come back, there’s going to be some type of change that took place and then you’re going to have to re-evaluate where you’re going to go from there. not just sexually, even food-wise or lifestyle change.

Nancy: Right.

Elitom: I see it happen all the time. You got to make a choice to go back to try to go back in that old energy but there’s times a person want to move forward, the spouse don’t want to and I see many break ups take place. The sex is real powerful like Nancy was saying.

Frank: So on to the bretharianism component, what are you suggesting? Are you saying don’t eat food? Are you saying fast once a week? What is bretharianism?

Elitom: Well, a lot of bretharians I tell you, it’s not about eating food or not. But it is about breaking that old reality belief system that you know and exist. See, a bretharian on one level, all of us are bretharians because you have involuntary processes and voluntary processes.

One involuntary process is breathing. You’ll die without breathing before you would eating or drinking. See, eating and drinking is a voluntary thought process. Tell us about what you’re eating, how much you’re eating, what time you’re eating. See, it’s disturbed when I look at the future and they were [unclear] future health of America and how 3 out of 5 Americans are going to have diabetes and this and that. It’s all [unclear] dealing with food and it’s amazing in the future you’ll be getting more educated on how to deal with food. Food is going to be doing more harm to the average American, even though we’re in the bread basket of the world that tells us the greatest addiction that’s taking place right there.

Nancy: The food?

Elitom: Even though you know you got to get your health together, you got preventable diseases which mean it could’ve been prevented. It seem like the people cannot stop it.

Nancy: Right.

Elitom: Which is really serious. So what I come with, no I’m not taking you to the far limits and say you’ll never need to eat again but it needs to be regulated to the fullness with a discipline in your life and you need to understand that involuntary action of the breath is the one that’s actually keeping you alive. Everything else is an illusion.

Nancy: Okay so I know in just talking about the show before today, everybody gave me the “you must be crazy”, “you’re out of your mind”, there we go again, right? So now I know that in the scheme of things, like you said the breath is involuntary, however, in terms of importance to the body. So theoretically atleast we could go 3 weeks without eating food, we can go… what? 3 days without drinking water—atleast in the system that people are currently accustomed to. Three days without drinking water but only 3 minutes without air. Okay? So that does suggest that air is more important and you’re saying we can live on the air, any kind of air… Do we need to be… And so is this something that a person living in an urban environment had better stay away from? Because the air quality can often…

Elitom: Absolutely.

Nancy: …suck.

Elitom: Because people are saving when you go without eating food will still use the bathroom. Depending on the air quality, your liver will still pick up pollution and will get rid of it.

Nancy: Really?

Elitom: Absolutely.

Nancy: Okay, okay. So Elitom, what is human photosynthesis?

Elitom: Well, photosynthesis… First of all, “photo” means light and “synthesis” mean combining or putting together.

Nancy: Okay.

Elitom: What a plant practices human photosynthesis is they’re grabbing different components, putting it together to create the food it needs and it gives off oxygen so we can breathe, and we give off carbon monoxide so it can breathe. We’re doing the reverse photosynthesis from the plant. It’s more than just a breath. What you’re breathing in is you’re taking in energy and converting it into a mechanical energy and chemical energy.

Nancy: Okay. So…

Elitom: All your action’s chemical.

Nancy: Okay. Now… You do this and we’re certainly not advocating that people try this at home without proper instruction. This is NOT fasting as you say.

Elitom: Yes.

Nancy: And it is a radical lifestyle change. It is a gamechanger. It would be a gamechanger in any relationship.so I can remember when I first transitioned from eating meat to being not just vegan but raw vegan the first time, right?

Elitom: Yes.

Nancy: And so we used to go and get these cleanses. And so there was a woman who came in one evening when I was getting ready to finish is she was talking about preparing meals for her family even though she’s extended long term fasting. We understand 100% that being breatharian is in no way fasting.

What we’re talking about making a radical life change and how it can affect your relationships okay? So she’s cooking meals. She’s frying chicken, mashing potatoes, all of these and she’s fasting. I mean, for like 30, 40 days fasting.

Elitom: Yes.

Nancy: In that moment as I listened to her, I was like, “Ugh thank god I live alone. I didn’t have those challenges.” So you know what I mean? I mean, all I had to worry about was myself. So when… Now you were… You’ve been married, you’ve have children, you got a family… How does making a change like this or how has making a change like this affected your relationships?

Elitom: Oh I got a few good ones for you. Now dealing with the food and the woman fasting, because I see this happen many times where a person’s still cooking for their family but they made a diet change and that could be very hard too.

Nancy: Okay.

Elitom: I remember when I started going to bretharianism, I was teaching live on all food shows. I said, I still could do it. I don’t need to taste the food. So after one of these shows, everybody’s telling me how good this dish was and I take it home to put in my refrigerator and I said I’ll get rid of it tomorrow. But in the back of my mind, I was like “Man they said that food was good and you didn’t taste it.” so I find myself sneaking in the refrigerator and I’m living all by myself to the refrigerator… I am a bretharian but still I’m tasting and it couldn’t stop. So that was a challenge right there, being around food in the beginning stages and you’re trying to become a bretharian.

Now mind you, I was living alone at that time. Being wits a family, I know many bretharians that got families and they still do a thing called “conscious eating”. That’s where you could because food… all of our social gatherings is around food is sort of like sacred. Especially when you got children and stuff like that.

So there was even a time period myself where I ate once a week to share with my son. I know I can’t [unclear]. He really appreciates it. Now because he’s a lot older, he accepted my lifestyle. Me and him could go out, that doesn’t matter about me tasting them or not.

Nancy: Okay.

Elitom: But sure do they look at it differently.

Nancy: Sure.

Elitom: Now dealing with spouses, after I got a separation, I went through about 30s doing different day [unclear] always got disrupted because I met my woman she loved the culture. Everybody loved her cooking, “Oh can you please taste it this time?” You know, you got through that and you understand that this is not going to work out.

Person want to go out to eat, buy popcorn and stuff like that. So but there is people out there too, you’re going to meet people on one these levels, it’s just me talking. I will meet… prefer a person that’s on higher levels of diet change and also atleast bretharian also is a whole lot easier.

Nancy: But isn’t your community—

Elitom: [unclear] with people like that where our mind is on the same mindset.

Nancy: Okay. But isn’t a community of bretharians are—if you’re just talking about dating, it’s not like you… it’s not like you got a friend who’s got a friend who’s bretharian.

Elitom: Right.

Nancy: And I had not noticed a “bretharian only” dot com dating website.

Frank: Maybe there’s a Facebook group.

Nancy: Oh there’s definitely a Facebook group.

Frank: Okay.

Nancy: Yeah.

Elitom: Now keep in mind that Bretharianism, the first prana accessible in the USA was a 2015 of August.

Nancy: Okay.

Elitom: In San Francisco. The first one.

Nancy: Okay.

Elitom: This knowledge’s been around… in Europe they got the most but [unclear] you got one in Germany, you got one in Italy, you got one in Australia. This has been going on for a very long time.

Nancy: Why is this so big in Europe?

Elitom: Well they had the knowledge. They bring it here in the west, they used to get credit to Jasmuheen because she brought it out in her books “Living on Light”. That’s how the knowledge came to the west but they actually get it here so that the average person will know that knowledge. That has been excluded. Nobody brought it or the media didn’t cherish it, but at other places, it’s all over the place.

Nancy: Wow.

Elitom: Now, when you ask people and they said, “Oh he’s crazy.” Now always keep in mind that I went through that when I first brought it into Ohio. The first years, “he’s crazy,” you’re laughed at… Over a period of time, people get angry at you. And then, last but not the least—

Frank: What’s the anger about?

Elitom: —the knowledge is accepted. Right now I’m not messed with by nobody.

Frank: Well what’s the anger about?

Elitom: The ager, I pick it up like this… First it came from a lot of different groups, from leadership, I don’t know if they feel you think you’re better than them… Who are you to act like… This is fits of… You broke everybody’s reality. So anger comes up. There’s no longer laughed at. Especially when my books started getting out there, I started travelling, people wanted to listen to me more, the people in my circle’s seeing that you succeeded.

Frank: Okay. Okay.

Nancy: Well I can tell you just on a microcosmic level, I had a very interesting experience this weekend. Now, it was 19 years ago that I firts experimented with being vegan. When I came home, I was pencil-thin. Everybody was like, “Oh my god, you’re too thin, da da da…” no problem. So the [unclear] as he says there’s this challenge because you’re essentially saying that this thing, you were raised this way, we’ve always eaten this way, you’re challenging what is fundamental for people.

So then, all of a sudden I started getting questions around—see because I’m thin but I don’t look sick.

Elitom: Right.

Nancy: And so then, you’re getting questioned—

Frank: You’re thin?

Nancy: Meaning I may have been thin, but oftentimes people get super thin and they don’t look well. The one thing you could not say is that I didn’t look well. That was certainly—

Frank: You couldn’t say you were fine.

Nancy: Elitom I’m talking to you right now. What I’m saying to you is that my complexion was clear, my eyes were clear, my cheeks were rosy—I mean there was no question that I was healthy. I was just thinner than people were accustomed to seeing me being—

Elitom: Right. They’re not used to seeing that image.

Nancy: Exactly. So well let’s put it this way, they weren’t used to seeing it but they KNEW that they were seeing something when they see—as my nephew said, “Aunt, I don’t understand. You just look so alive.” I thought, what a comment, right? So…

Elitom: And dealing with veganism, that went with me too because I became a vegan first… and got thinner, people in the church say “we’ll pray for you”. They weren’t used to seeing that new image.

Nancy: But then, let’s face it. Over the 20 years, people have gone from oh my goodness, why wouldn’t you eat meat? Why? Because meat on the plate was seen as a sign of prosperity…

Elitom: Absolutely.

Nancy: …in a family. So now you’re saying “Oh don’t eat meat. It’s not necessarily healthy for you.” Number one, it’s the way often meat or animals are raised and slaughtered here in the states especially. But then there’s the whole digestive process and what that brings on line. Well, fast forward 20 years, Saturday, my grandmother’s making a stew. She says “Where’s that spice you use?” I’m like, “What are you talking about?” “You know, the one with the red top.” I said, “Oh the spike?” She said, “Yeah. Where is it?” I said, “I don’t use it anymore. It has soy in it.” She’s like, “What?” She says, “You eman it’s not here?” I said, “No. I threw it away. You say Herbamare. I don’t know the Herbamare. I’m not using it.

So I’m saying wait a minute…

Frank: You’re influencing the peopel around you.

Nancy: Well here’s the thing… I didn’t even know she was using the spike. It’s some undercover move. So then when I threw it out, it’s like, “Well what happened to it?”

Frank: She threw out my good…

Nancy: But they tease me all the time… “You don’t eat anything, blah blah blah…” So now, but you Elitom, you’re in a food-free zone. Is that—I mean is that—

Elitom: Right. Now keep in mind, knowledge comes in the ways. Keep in mind that vegetarianism and veganism is new to this country…

Nancy: Okay.

Elitom: …compared to others. Now you got this other way, with [unclear] foods, juicing coming in… Now you got going on energy, bretharian, [unclear], solitarian, stuff like this… You know there’s different terms and names but when it first hit people, oh no. So a big shocker. But just like the veganism, I was hit over my head too with that until recently, I took my sister to the doctor’s office and right on the wall, they had “Living a Meat-Free Diet”. I got beat up by everybody, even people who had medical degrees back then but now it became victorious.

It is a [unclear] ways it will be victorious. Because over 7 years ago, I said that in the next 10 years, this knowledge will be presented to everybody so you would know it exists.

Frank: Do you not eat at all?

Elitom: What I do is I probably eat something once every 2 weeks and stuff like that but I mainly drink. I don’t eat.

Frank:And are you drinking protein shakes or…

Elitom: Oh no.

Frank: I mean, help me out.

Elitom: It’s the whole other key.

Frank: What are you drinking?

Elitom: Listen, don’t drink what makes your taste buds feel good.

Frank; I mean, so is that a ground up—

Nancy: What is that for you?

Frank: Is that a lamb chop?

Elitom: Oh [unclear]…

Nancy: You’re juicing lamb chops…

Elitom: There’s a thing called… Like what I talked about juicing, there’s a thing called “liquidarian”. Now this is new also. A liquidarian is a person that would drink things for your taste buds only. It ain’t got nothing to do with vitamins, protein shakes, see all of that right there is a belief system.

You go find yourself drinking things like saying we call it junk juice. Because these times now I’ll go shopping and say, “Man I never tasted that before and that’s something new [unclear] on the shelf.” You’re drinking and your body’s still healthy because you broke that belief system because those things that they put on the market, this’ll make you healthy, that’ll make you healthy… It does not really make you healthy. You got to break that belief system all the way. What is minerals, what is vitamins… they eating, no not on that level, I drink things. I usually drink more in the winter time due to boredom, you can’t get out much compared to the summer. Even drinking things will be hard on your body also.

Frank: Well I’m trying to paint a picture for myself. What are you drinking?

Elitom: Oh. Like say for instance I feel like drinking Welch’s grape juice.

Nancy: Okay.

Elitom: I got a taste for grape juice. Well I see a new orange juice that came out mixed with a banana or whatever. Oh that sounds wow. Let me taste that.

Nancy: Now you drink but you drink daily?

Elitom: No.

Nancy: Okay.

Elitom: [unclear] got to hurt the body and be too much on the body. Now there was a time I did—

Nancy: Okay.

Elitom: But as you go throughout the years, you start evolving also within a practice… Like Frank I told Nancy, first you go through your baby years. That’s your years where you keep getting up and you’re falling down, blah, blah, that be telling people. Just take your time, love yourself, there’s no set time on when you’ll accomplish something. Pretty soon, when you try to eat something that’s hard on your body so you can’t do that no more. So pretty soon you’ll evolve into your teenage years. Your teenage years you’ll meet people that can talk a lot about energy [unclear] bretharianism but they’re not there yet. You know how your teenager think he knows everything… and then you go into your adult years. Like right now, vow to eat something real heavy that’ll really hurt. I don’t want to go through that feeling anymore because you’re after a filling.

Nancy: Okay.

Elitom: And then in the beginning stages, this is why I teach the practices, bringing in more energy into the body first because people will jump into this without that much knowledge and they lose a whole lot of weight and you don’t need to do that. The weight will stabilize itself when the program is in the body. So where it stabilizes itself to its perfect weight, [unclear] do your BMI, all of that with the body mass index.

Frank: What’s your energy level like? You able to go jogging?

Elitom: Oh absolutely. As a matter of fact… Oh my gosh. There’s where you can eradicate sleep to a point to. You can stay up a lot more. In the beginning years, I was doing 2 hours a day, right now I do 4 hours of sleep. Energy-wise, I do a lot of exercise because the stringer the physical body, the higher the energy. Even on a… I shouldn’t say “lower level”… Even on a level where you’re eating and you start exercising, you’re going to gain more energy.

Frank: What do you—

Elitom: You stop breaking—go ahead.

Frank: What do you look like? What do you weigh? How large have you been? Have you been 300 lbs and you’re now 120?

Elitom: Oh actually, when I first started—and the reason it got me to start on diet changes in the first place, usually when the system—the system is invisible until it fails. In other words, it’s in my latter 20s I started having, wasn’t feeling good because I was 190lbs and I’m 5’7” so that’s over my BMI right there. And I’m wondering why I feel like this and back then, with that mindset, you think having meat is a sign of prosperity. The weight kept going up and I’m like, “Oh man this isn’t me.” Of course, not to put down religion [unclear] for like this, I’m in a church at that time and they’re like, “Let’s pray for him,” and you’re believing that.

So I had to find a way and pretty soon I met a guy who said, “Oh don’t eat meat. Take meat out of your diet.” To me, right there, you’re desperate to try anything. So I took meat out of the diet. I ran into a vegan community, the weight came down, I started to feel good, started walking the track and pretty soon started running it. So just on that level, there was great improvements on the health. Now after that when I teach about becoming a bretharian, I talk about taking a latter stat. Just don’t jump from not eating a day and act like you’re not going to eat tomorrow. After veganism, I went on to live and well foods. I started learning about the enzymes, you know… going into the meditation, still working out, still jogging, bringing more energy into the body because your thought process as an energy but it’s spinning a lot faster than the physical body.

Sometimes, you can get an idea, it sounds good but it takes a minute for the frequency and the physical body to pick up that idea because it’s going a lot slower. That is when they say body mind connection. Get the body time and make that transition, you won’t lose much weight because right now I’m like 125, 5’7” that started the BMI with 120. So right there, I’m right there on the mark.

Frank: Yeah.

Elitom: Feeling good, feeling healthy… Now, as your body… As I wanted [unclear] foods I started juicing more. This is why I’d say it effects food on the mind also. One time I was juicing all of these oranges and grape fruits, it was organic. Then one day, I decide to get the juice out of this vending machine that said “100% orange juice”. As soon as I drank that juice, I felt myself get tired, the energy dropped, negativity, putting things off. Right there, I observed to see the effects on food on the physical mind, on how you think.

Frank: Interesting. Okay.

Elitom: And it’s hard for a person to see it when you’re on a dense diet like that. Usually you got to make diet changes, you’ll see the difference and it changes your whole being.

Frank: You’re listening to Frank Relationships and we’re talking with bretharian, Elitom El-Amin. Elitom, what are you up to and how can our listeners be I touch with you?

Elitom: Oh right now, I’m on Facebook under Elitom El-Amin. And also my email would be on there also.

Nancy: Spell your name for us.

Elitom: Excuse me?

Nancy: Spell your name for us so we can find you.

Elitom: Oh E-L-I-T-O-M and –E-L-A-M-I-N.

Nancy: Okay.

Frank: What’s the downside of bretharianism?

Elitom: The downside will be or could be, if you don’t hurry up and make changes in your lifestyle, that would benefit you. In other words, there is things like a real person that like to go to social gatherings and stuff like that. In the beginning stages, I did and you don’t want to bring attention to yourself so you’d probably get a soup, a light salad to try to stay out the way in the beginning stages but now when it got so strong, that I don’t really care about going to different social gatherings. We had a big family thing and I sat there just drank the water, took an orange juice while everybody else is eating. Like I said, they’ll leave you alone now compared to back in the early years.

So the downside could be on say for instance, there are certain places you won’t think about going to anymore like you did in the years when you were consuming anything. There’s no need to.

Frank: Okay.

Elitom: That’ll be the only downside but health-wise and having energy to accomplish different assignments and stuff like that, it is awesome. You can really accomplish a lot especially like I said you sleep less, you got to [unclear] out with the [unclear] I’m writing bolts, doing all types of painting, doing all types of projects, putting on a retreat… You’re doing things—you’re living a highlighted life.

Frank: And are you able to save a significant amount of money? Because you don’t have to eat or is there some expensive side effect?

Elitom: Oh my gosh. You’ll save a lot of money because you don’t need to eat and then I’ll [unclear] my own personal thing… I’m not into relationships so that’s a lot of money right there.

Nancy: But I’m sure not eating doesn’t help you with being in a relationship. I got to see [unclear] woman would say “Well where are we going at dinner honey?” and you’re not going to dinner.

Elitom: Well I do got to turn that around too. Okay, I probably not in the relationship like that but I do meet some fascinating women all over the planet.

Nancy: I bet. I bet.

Elitom: Fascinating. You know who’s on the path also?

Nancy: Okay.

Elitom: So that is great. That’s the type of people you’ll meet and you’ll thought you would never meet them.

Nancy: Wow.

Elitom: And likewise. So in that level, you don’t want to be in the relationship because you’re meeting so many people.

Nancy: We keep your options open.

Elitom: Right.

Nancy: Amazing. Amazing.

Frank: And you teach this?

Elitom: Oh absolutely.

Frank: Okay.

Elitom: Step-by-step.

Frank: Let’s hear about these steps.

Elitom: Alright. I got a retreat coming up and the whole idea for the retreat that is two things I wanted to do. I think about people’s time being valuable [unclear] and you [unclear] they got the 21-day retreat. So even when I started, I didn’t have enough finances or the time to go to a 21-day retreat.

So what I did was I cut down the weekend to give a person as much information as possible and the information as in I’d show them sun gazing, I’ll take them through breath [unclear], going from the hair down to the toe and breathing with the whole body… Take them into the different meditations, of chi gong where you could actually feel the electrons because you’re constantly in a shower of energy right now. But to put yourself in a position where you can feel this energy coming through the body, it’s been doing it. You need to be sensitive to it. So I take a person through that for a whole weekend, constantly working them. But the main thing is that I give them the teachings.

I was talking to a lady in France this morning as a matter of fact, and she did say I’m the only one talking on this level to break it down step-by-step and even scientifically. Because it was just like when we were coming up in school. The repetition, repetition, repetition, that’s how the information got in you.

So likewise, with this, this is an education. It’s not a belief system. So when you got somebody constantly teaching you this, teaching you this, teach you this, that’s how to make you have a transition even more because get as much information as you can thorugh reading and also getting a teacher to constantly talk to so you can get this new download in you.

So when I teach this, not only do I take them throught the physical side of the meditation to how the energy work, I also take them through the verbal to constantly get this new instructios in you.

Frank; Any good books you can recommend?

Elitom: Well my two books and also “Living on Light” by Jasmuheen and also…

Frank: Spell that please. Spell Jasmuheen.

Elitom: Oh you say spell it?

Frank: Spell it, yes.

Elitom: Okay that would be J-A-S-M-U-H-E-E-N.

Frank: Okay. And—

Elitom: And that’s a real good one right there that I started out on. And usually the rest of the information will be on kid of like side books where… like what’s that? Of the yogi?

Nancy: Oh Autobiography of a Yogi?

Elitom: Right. So that’d be bits and pieces and articles and books like that.

Nancy: Okay.

Elitom: [unclear] it.

Nancy: Okay.

Elitom: So right now we do got a new way of books coming out because in 2015, when we were in San Francisco, me and a group of bretharians together, we set… They got hundreds and thousands of books dealing with veganism now, vegetarianism… Now is our time to bring a whole lot of books dealing with bretharian. So that’s going to be the new ways coming out.

Nancy: Wow, okay.

Frank: You actually opened the door for what I wanted to ask basically next door or last… What’s next?

Elitom: Oh.

Nancy: When you don’t eat?

Elitom: Now this is what’s next… Every year you live, you get like 36 x-rays if not more in a body because you’re living in a realm of radiation. So it’s constantly being radiated. As you grow and especially deal with energy where as you age, more and more radiation is going to be into the body. Now by understanding these practices and understanding you can let go of food as you start aging, the next thing is how far the cells could go to grab more life force energy and they’re going into now transmuting the body. Instead of dying and going to the grave, can you take the body up into another realm of reality.

Nancy: Oh man.

Frank: Alright…

Nancy: Translation for real.

Frank: Let us know how it goes, we’ll have you on the next show.

Nancy: Richer prior.

Frank: You’re listening to Frank Relationships and we’ve been talking with holistic practitioner, researcher, lecturer and the author of the book “It’s Okay to Be Healthy” and the forthcoming “Human Photosynthesis 101”, Elitom El-Amin. He studied light synthesis and atmosphere changes in nature that sustain the human body for health and well-being for over a decade. He’s also a bretharian.

Along today’s journey, we’ve discussed sleeping less, eating less, and paying less for food.

Nancy: Indeed.

Frank: Thank you to my co-host, Nancy; thanks to Jeff Newman, my engineer; and thank you to my guest, Elitom El-Amin. You’ve been great. I hope you’ve had as much fun as I’ve had hanging out with today’s ensemble.

As always, it’s my wish for you to walk away from this conversation with a heaping helping of useful information that I hope you create a relation that’s as loving and accepting as possible.

Let us know what you think of today’s show at facebook.com/relationshipflove, on Twitter at @mrfranklove or at franklove.com. If you’re listening via Blog Talk Radio, make sure you like us there and if via iTunes, make sure you subscribe so that you can receive each week’s show.

This is Frank love.


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