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February 17, 2013by Frank Love0

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The Grammys? The Oscars? Are you into the stars? Well, we are about to talk about them. But there is no red carpet here. Just good old fashion astrology. Let’s find out all about zodiac on this week’s edition of Frank Relationships.



Guests: Maxine Taylor
Date: February 17, 2013

Frank: The Grammy’s, the Oscars, are you into the stars? Well, we’re about to talk about them, but there’s no red carpet here. Just good old fashion astrology. Let’s find out all about the Zodiac on this week’s edition of Frank Relationships.

Welcome to Frank Relationships where we provide a candid, fresh and frank look into relationships with goals of acceptance, respect and flexibility. I’m Frank Love and you can find me, my blog and my various social media incarnations at franklove.com.

Many of us are looking for the formula for finding the ideal partner. We date, hoping that what we discover during those experiences will reveal a love connection. We may take the advice of friends, sometimes thinking that they know us well enough to lead us in the right direction.

They are computerized algorithms and spiritual leaders that we place our confidence in and then there are also the stars. Nope, not the ones paparazzi are chasing, although many of us attempt to model our relationships after them. I’m talking about the stars in the sky. Yes, astrology and the Zodiac.

I’ve always wanted to know how horoscopes and other astrological conclusions are drawn and I can definitively tell you that I can’t name all the Zodiac signs if called to the carpet to do so. So, to bring me up to speed, I’ve invited today’s guest. And if there’s anyone that thinks the stars, their alignment and the Zodiac seriously, it’s her.

So, if you’re interested in learning the basics of astrology, how the stars affect us and the various types of astrology, then join me for the next hour as we talk with the woman that’s brought her talent to CNN, the Legislature and today, you. Internationally known astrologer, energy healer, spiritual coach, teacher, speaker and published author, Maxine Taylor. Welcome.

Maxine: Thank you, Frank. It’s very, very nice to be here today with the moon in Aries, it says, “Let’s get going now.” You can feel the energy. So, thank you for inviting me.

Frank: Thank you, you’ve lost me already.

Maxine: How have I lost you?

Frank: Well, I don’t even know what that means. So, that’s why we’re here. We’re going to teach people who are as uneducated as I am about astrology. What’s the–

Maxine: Well, let me help you right out the gate, since I already opened the door. The moon moves through all 12 signs in the months. There is a lunar cycle and it moves through, as I said, each of the 12 signs. Well, today it’s in the sign of Aries and the moon rules our moods, our feelings, our emotions. It rules the public, and so, Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and that’s where Aries likes to be.
The energy today, even though the sky may be gray, it maybe raining, the energy is, “Let’s do it now. Let’s not sit around talking about it, let’s get going.” So, it’s a terrific day to actually move forward, now. / Do it now.

Frank: / Well, let’s do it. Let’s do it now.

Maxine: Okay.

Frank: How is it that Aries is the first lunar–the first–is it cycle in the lunar–

Maxine: It’s the first sign of the Zodiac.

Frank: Okay, now how’s that, when this is February? And Aries, I believe is–what is it? April?

Maxine: March 21st to April 21st. In the natural Zodiac, if you draw a Zodiac, you draw a circle and you divide it into 12 parts.

Frank: Uh-huh.

The part that is the first part, which is at 9:00 on the clock dial, if you looked at the circle like a pie and you said, “Please cut me the piece that starts at 9:00,” that is the first house of the Zodiac and Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac. The house determines that area of life and so when astrology was discovered, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way back when, Aries was the first sign.

I won’t go into the scientific reasons, because even just giving this information can be overwhelming. But the bottom line is, Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac. It’s when spring begins, March 21st, that’s when life begins. And so, that’s how it started

Frank: Right.

Maxine: And It continues to this day and if you look around you, you’ll notice that people who were born under the sign of Aries have–well, on a scale of one to 10, their patience is often a minus four. They want to do it yesterday. They want to get going. They don’t want to talk about it, they’re out the door doing. And if you sit there and talk about it, they lose interest.

The qualities of Aries are universal. So, when I say the moon is in Aries, that’s how we’re feeling. Let’s get going. Let’s do it. And then it’s followed by Taurus, which is totally different. So each sign has its own characteristics.

Now we talk about the moon, because it deals with our emotions and when we talk about the signs of the Zodiac, Frank, we’re talking about the sign of the sun is in. But if I were to do your chart, your birth chart, I would tell you about the sun, the moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto. There’s so much more to astrology than just the sun sign.

And I can do a forecast based on the signs, and if we have time and if you like, I’ll be glad to talk about what’s going on with each sign for the next week. Everybody wants to hear about themselves, of course, and I’m happy to do that.

But that’s what we’re talking about; this is a science that has been around for thousands and thousands of years. It’s been described in all of the Holy books, of all of the known religions.

Frank: Uh-huh.

Maxine: It’s part of the esoteric form of religion, its part of the Kabbalah in Judaism, which is the foundation of all of the major religions on planet Earth. And in the Kabbalah, they talk about astrology. They just describe the planets exactly as I learned them. The only difference is they stop at Saturn, because that was the “furtherest” planet out there. Thousands of years ago, they had not yet discovered Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. So, of course it would not be written, obviously.

So, does that give you a little picture of what it’s like?

Frank: I’m a bit clearer. Now, tell me the difference between astrology and astronomy?

Maxine: In astronomy, you look at the heavens, you look at the constellations. In astrology, you interpret them, you interpret God’s handwriting in the sky as above, so below.

In the Bible, it says that God put the stars in the heavens for signs. I’m honored to be able to read those signs. That’s what astrologers do.

Frank: Well, alright. Explain the science behind astrology. How did it develop to your understanding right now? Briefly, we’ve touched on quite a bit of it, but you have anything to add?

Maxine: Good grief, no, I really don’t. I’ll tell you why not. Astrology’s been around for thousands and thousands of years. It has been proven just through–it’s like if you study algebra, you know algebra works. If you haven’t studied algebra, you do not know that it works. The science part is the actual placement of the planets along the ecliptic. Now, I just threw a word in there and I don’t want to get too complicated. But it’s simply, observable phenomenon. We know that it works, because it has worked.

I’ll give you a very simple, easy-to-understand example. Whenever there is a presidential election, I’m asked, “Who’s going to win?” And I’m asked ahead of time, “Who’s going to win?” Well, eight years ago, I predicted that President Obama would be elected. Recently, the pundits said, “Well, it’s going to be a really close race. It’s hard to predict.” From an astrological standpoint, it was very, very easy to predict that President Obama would be re-elected, because it said so in the particular chart that I used.

Frank: Uh-huh.

Maxine: It was so clear. There’s a special kind of chart. In fact, it’s one of the charts I have written about in one of my books. It’s called a, Diurnal Chart. It tells exactly what’s going to be going on, on a particular day.

In President Obama’s chart, the four major areas of life were triggered noticeably. Anybody studying astrology would be able to see this.

In Romney’s chart–oh, excuse me; this is for the day of inauguration. In President Obama’s chart, the four major areas of life were triggered. It was like a pinball machine. It lit up and tilted. In Romney’s chart, there was absolutely nothing, nothing. Okay, so–

Frank: And I suspect on the date of the inauguration, Romney was sitting at home taking it easy, doing nothing.

Maxine: Well, probably so. He sure wasn’t going to be watching TV. Watching Obama takes the oath of office. So in other words, it is empirical knowledge.

Frank: Okay.

Maxine: It happens time and time and time and time again. People want proof, that’s why they want scientific knowledge. Hey, just go to a reputable astrologer and have him do your chart. They will blow you out of the frame; you will fall off your chair and then have them, do your forecast. And then, six months later, revisit the notes you made or the recording they gave you and you will be blown out of the frame, because astrology works.

Why does it work? Because there is a synchronicity between God and man? The planets do not make us do anything.

Frank: Uh-huh.

Maxine: They reflect what is going on and I go back to that original Biblical misquote. I don’t claim to be a Biblical scholar, but it is said that God put the stars in the heavens for signs. And if you read the signs accurately, you see God’s handwriting all over.

Frank: In a few minutes, we’re going to ask you to tell our listeners how they can reach out to you and get a–what is it? A forecast? To have you do their chart if that is the service that you are willing to provide the general public.

Maxine: Yes.

Frank: But in the meantime, translate the power of the charts that you’re discussing to relationships. How can they benefit relationships?

Maxine: Oh man, oh gosh. Do not enter into marriage until and unless you’ve had your chart compared to that one special person. In the Far East, even in the Middle East, their charts are always cast, because you can see, for example, the compatibility between two people in all the major areas of life.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say, and this is a true story, there is a guy and he is very eligible, very handsome has the financial where with all, everything’s clicking along, but the problem is that he is incredibly negative. His outlook on life is that the glass is half empty and it ain’t going to be filled up any time soon. And let’s say he’s dating somebody who is delightful, her outlook is totally sunny, totally fun, totally happy. They’re going to have a problem, because he’s going to see what’s wrong her and she’s going to see what’s right with everything. Now, you might say, “Well, don’t those two balance?” Possibly, but usually not. It’s the negative one that pulls the other one down.

Let’s say for example, there’s a young lady and she is crazy about this guy and she spends money like it grows on trees, like it’s just drinking a glass of water and she says, “God invented plastic for me.” She runs around. Her charge card is glued to her hand and let’s say that he is very practical, very logical and is a little tight with his money. They are going to have a problem. Period, bottom line. It can be resolved, but they got a problem. The chart–

Frank: How do they resolve it?

Maxine: Well, first of all, they acknowledge it and then secondly, they decide where finances fall in their vertical alignment. Is it number one in life? For her it’s number one. For him, it might be number five.

Frank: And that’s okay? They would be able to–

Maxine: I don’t know that. That’s up to them and Frank, this is where it goes back to their early childhood programming.

This is my specialty. I can look at your chart and tell you what your mommy’s messages were, about where to look for your emotional security. What your daddy’s messages are? Maybe what your grandparent’s messages were and these are the messages that own us.

They are locked in our selves and that’s why I wrote my book, Move into the Magic, to help people release this programming, so that yes, you can change your programming. But boy, you’ve got to really, really want to do it. Most people don’t want to change. They just want to live comfortably within their problems. So, getting back to the example of the guy whose wallet has to be surgically removed from his back pocket and the young lady, her mantra is “Charge it.” They’re going to have an issue.

I think that’s one of the biggest problems in relationships. You’re walking around the elephant in the middle of the living room and sometimes you have to let the relationship go, because you simply cannot work it out. Now, even if he’s Daddy Warbucks, even if he’s making millions of dollars, if he is a tightwad, she’s going to have a problem with him.

Frank: Okay.

Maxine: Okay.

Frank: When you said you discussed the programming that your parents, that your parents gave you that would seem to require your parent’s astrological chart too. Does it?

Maxine: No, not at all, because they may be giving out one message, but you hear it differently.

Frank: Uh-huh.

Maxine: That’s the thing. We have all been at a dinner table with delightful people and we’ve overheard a discussion, even an argument let’s say, and when we talk about it later, we hear different things than the other people heard, because we’re all listening to it through our own ears. We’re seeing it with our own eyes and so parents do the very best job they know how under the circumstances. But sometimes children have, let’s say, abandonment issues or they feel unloved. They say, “You like my brother more than me.”

And here’s mama, single parent, for example, working three jobs to put food on the table and the oldest child is forced to be like a surrogate parent toward the younger siblings and there is resentment. And mama is doing the best job she knows how. So, see what I’m saying? The child will interpret it differently and the way out, is to take full and complete responsibility for being the creator of your life.

Frank: Uh-huh.

Maxine: You’re not a victim, nobody gave you this horoscope. You determined, prior to being born, what your game plan is going to be in this lifetime and the chart shows your game. Life is a game.

Frank: Uh-huh.

Maxine: It is a game.

Frank: I like it.

Maxine: There are rules and some people love it. They say, “Let’s play it.”

Frank: Yeah.

Maxine: “Let’s just play it.” And other people say, “Oh, life is tough.” You know that saying, “Life’s a bitch and then you die?”

Frank: Uh-huh.

Maxine: A lot of people believe that. And other people say–

Frank: “Life’s fun,” and then you die.

Maxine: “Life’s fun, let’s take a chance. It’s an adventure. Let’s take a chance on love.” Other people want an absolute commitment. They want proof prior to marriage. It’s all different people. I got to tell you, my favorite song is a country song by Billy Currington and it–

Frank: Let’s hear it.

Maxine: “God is great, beer is good and people are crazy.” And every chart is different and people are so unique. Most people, if you’re not taking responsibility, full and complete responsibility, you think everybody should think the way you do.

Just look at politics. Look at the Republicans verses the Democrats, okay? What I have found is that as you move upward on the spiritual ladder, so to speak, you realize, “Wait a second, everybody’s got their own game plan. Everybody’s playing by their own rules.” Some people like hockey, some people like golf, some people like tennis, some people like swimming. I’m using those as analogies. But there are rules and we want everyone to play by our rules and that’s were the ego comes in a messes up everything.

When you love somebody, a horoscope for example, let’s say two people are dating. I look at that chart; I look at his chart and her chart. If they’re gay, his chart and his chart or her chart and her chart, because people are people are people and love–

Frank: One question, what is a horoscope?

Maxine: A horoscope is your birth chart. When I say a horoscope, I mean your birth chart.

Frank: Okay.

Maxine: Your birth chart tells you all of the fabulous things about you. It tells you your game plan for this lifetime.

Frank: So, the horoscope that’s in the newspaper everyday is a birth chart?

Maxine: Nah, no it’s not. It’s a forecast.

Frank: Okay.

Maxine: Those are kind of used interchangeably, but the technical term is the natal chart, which is the birth chart or a forecast. When I do my forecast, people on my mailing list will get a free forecast for every sign, every single month. And when we say horoscope, in that case, we’re talking about your monthly forecast.

Frank: Got you. Got you.

Maxine: But the birth chart, let’s say two people come to me and they’re just in love and they’re just are crazy about each other and I look at their chart and I see they’re not in love, they’re in lust. Nothing wrong with lust, by the way, it works.

Frank: Nice to clear that up.

Maxine: Absolutely, absolutely. However, if it’s just lust, you’re going to need a little more in the relationship, in the comparison between the two charts. Otherwise, while there will always be that lust. They may not see each other for 20 years and when they see each other that same lusty click will click into place, but it wouldn’t work out in marriage.

And I’ve also seen people who say they do love each other and they do love each other, but if they don’t have that click, that sexual attraction, that spark; they will always love each other–

Frank: That’s powerful.

Maxine: But they may not be in love with each other. And then I have seen there’s one aspect from his chart to her chart, or her chart to his chart or, as I said, in a gay relationship, his to his or hers to hers, that is absolutely the one that transcends everything. And when they have that in their chart, this person is the dream come true. They’re not seeing the person clearly, perhaps–

Frank: Uh-huh.

Maxine: But they don’t have to, because they adore one another and that, Frank is what you want. It’s rare, but that’s what you want in your relationship.

Frank: Wow. How rare would you say it is?

Maxine: Well, I’ve been doing horoscopes, charts, readings on people, birth charts and forecasts and comparisons since 1967 and I’ve seen it maybe three times.

Frank: Whoa. Okay.

Maxine: Now, that doesn’t mean it’s not there, it just means that they hadn’t come to me for a reading. Because if you adore one another, I don’t think you need a reading.

Frank: Yeah.

Maxine: You know what I’m saying?

Frank: You’re off having a good time.

Maxine: Yes, it’s heaven. It is a dream come true. It is a divine relationship. And incidentally, Frank that’s, I think, what people are looking for when they talk about, “I’m looking for my soul mate.” What they really mean is Prince Charming or Princess Charming, because our soul mates are not necessarily the one’s that thrill us. They may drive us crazy. They may punch our buttons like crazy, because we learn from our soul mates. But the ideal, the dream come true, they’re, on occasions, you do find them.

Frank: Okay.

Maxine: And man, that’s what we all want, right?

Frank: Yeah, yeah, yeah. You’re listening to Frank Relationships and we’re talking with internationally known astrologer, energy healer, spiritual coach, teacher, speaker and published author, Maxine Taylor. Please tell our listeners how they can find you and learn about your services.

Maxine: Well, all they have to do is go to my website maxinetaylor.com. It’s that simple, maxinetaylor.com and my site is really wonderful. Turn up the volume so you can hear the awesome music. And my services are all listed. The prices are listed. Everything I do is on that site and if anybody has a question, my phone number is listed also.

I answer my own phone. I am not a corporation. If I’m giving a reading of course, they get to leave a message on voice mail, but I will call everybody back. I feel like, as a consultant, an astrological consultant, I want to be one-on-one with people. I have a relationship as an astrologer with my clients. They’re very special.

Frank: Very nice.

Maxine: So, I don’t send out pre-printed forecasts, except on my newsletter, which is free of charge. Anybody can get that. But if I were to do a reading on you Frank, what I would say is, “Frank, I need to have your birth data,” which means your month, day and year of birth, the city where you born and the exact time that you were born. Now, that’s the scientific part of it, because the chart is cast using mathematical equations. It’s a time space continuum. That birth chart is like a photograph of the heavens when you were born. And if you say, “Well, I was born sometime in the morning,” that is way too general. I can’t do that, because I have to put it into a computer.

When I was learning astrology, we did our charts by hand. It took quite a while to cast a birth chart. Now we’ve got computers to do it. Thank goodness.

So, I would put all that data into the computer and it would spit it out in a second. If, for example, you said, “Well, my mother told me I was born at 2:00 P.M. in the afternoon.” Okay, first of all, she was busy at 2:00 P.M. in the afternoon, so that birth time may or may not be accurate. So you want to look on your birth certificate. She had other things on her mind. So you want to look on the birth certificate.

And very often, very often over the years, because I’ve practiced for over 40 years, my clients have told me they were born one time and then I’ll get a call back, a week, a month, a year, two years later and they say, “I found my birth certificate and instead 2:00 P.M., it’s 7:06 A.M. Well that chart is radically different.

And if I’m doing a forecast for somebody and everybody wants a forecast. And I’ll tell you, what that gives in a minute. The forecast is off. For each four minutes that the birth time is off, the overall forecast is off by one year. So that’s the need for scientific accuracy, the accurate birth time.

Now, the forecast is raw potential. Let’s say, for example, if I were looking at your forecast, let’s say I’m off–

Frank: And we can do that. If you’re open to it, I don’t mind giving you my information and putting Frank up on the stage.

Maxine: I am reluctant to do that, only because, there may be something in your chart that I see that is something that I would want to say to you privately.

Frank: Okay.

Maxine: See what I’m saying? I’m very protective of the people I read. When I’m on radio shows, very often we’ll have call-ins and people will be on hold for what seems like forever, so that I can do a quick reading on them. And we ask them, “Can we use a name–” I have to have a name to put into the computer. “Is it okay to give out your birth data on the air,” because I’m sitting there with my computer ready and it’s a very confidential thing. It’s a very private thing.

A lot of people are very open. I have had, by the way, radio show hosts and even TV hosts say, “Oh, I’m an open book, you can say anything.” No they’re not. Because when I started talking they went right to commercial.

Frank: Whoa. Hold up.

Maxine: Yeah.

Frank: We didn’t want to put all that out there.

Maxine: Yeah.

Frank: Security.

Maxine: Security, right. So, let’s just pretend, for hypothetically, that in your forecast, I see terrific career activity; lots and lots and lots of activity, indicating that you’re going to be moving upward in your career. Well, that’s cool, I’m going to say that. Absolutely and your question might be, “Well, does that mean I’m going to leave my current career, my current job,” and the answer is, “Well, I don’t know.”

Frank: Uh-huh.

Maxine: That part of it is up to you, because you do have free will. Now, what I do with my clients is, I use–now here’s where it gets a little unique. I use regular ordinary playing cards. Just regular cards and my clients can ask, “yes, no” questions and those cards will give me a “yes” or a “no” answer. And I throw that in with all of my forecasting readings, because people do want specific questions.

So let’s say, “Gosh Frank, your career’s taking off. It’s just going to be awesome. It’s going to be established–”

Frank: Let’s take it in the direction of relationships, so–

Maxine: In relationships, okay, let’s say for example, I’m reading somebody’s chart and love is triggered. In fact, I just did this the other day with a darling, darling girl. And I said, “Love is absolutely triggered in your chart. It is fabulous. It’s kind of a once in a life time aspect that’s being triggered. Take advantage of it.”

Well, it so happens that there is somebody in her life right now. I also saw that it’s a very powerful, very exciting aspect. I also saw that next year the aspect will be gone. And she said, “Well, does that mean I’m going to break up with my boyfriend?” And I said, “No, absolutely not.” And I asked her how long she had been dating him? And she said, “Well, about a year.” I said, “Well, darling, you’re in the honeymoon stage. You’re in the romantic, fun, passionate, sexy stage.” And I told her a true story, about some friends of mine who are married now, but when they were dating each other, they were each married to other people and there was a great deal of excitement and sex and passion and all that and I looked at the chart and I said, “Next year that aspect is–” Oh, I said, “That aspect is over right now,” and I was sad. And she said, “Oh yeah, we each divorced our spouses and we’re getting married,” and so back to life, back to reality. So I said to my client, “No honey, it simply means that your relationship maybe moving into a new phase,”

Frank: Uh-huh.

Maxine: Well, I’ll tell you what the phase was. For financial reasons she decided that she needed to move in with him.

Frank: The other part–the married guy?

Maxine: No, no, this is my client from this week. She’s not married.

Frank: Got you. Got you. Got you.

Maxine: But she is in love, l-u-v. She’s crazy about this guy and they decided for financial reasons to move in together and she wanted to know if that was going to hurt the relationship. Well, yeah, because the romance is over, they’re doing laundry, they’re paying bills, they’re getting the car washed, and they’re walking the dog. It’s life; back to life. And so, the passionate part, the wild crazy stuff that we crave, simmers down a little bit. The relationship changes, it doesn’t end.

Now let’s say, for example, a couple is dating and he loves the challenge of the conquest. He got to have sex all the time and he’s wooing her. He’s chasing her, which is what the male does. The male partner, the masculine, the yang person, they go right after you. Once he wins her over, he may be bored. Even though, chart-to-chart, they get along beautifully. They’ll always get along beautifully, but he may lose interest.

Frank: But so many women are that irritated at the even thought that a man, once he has sex with her, might lose interest, as though it’s a bad thing and don’t see it as possibly just the natural course of things or–

Maxine: Yes

Frank: The astrological–

Maxine: Yes.

Frank: The astrological order. How do you discuss that with the ladies listening right now?

Maxine: I just discuss it very frankly with them. If I have their chart in front of me, I will say, “Now the excitement is there,” but bottom line Frank, if he doesn’t want to date her anymore, if he loses interest in her, he’s not the one for her unless that is her program. In other words, she may be programmed to have men love her and leave her and love her and leave her and love her and leave her and it’s not even love. Let’s say, lust after her and leave her, lust her, lust and leave, lust and leave, lust and leave. And so, what I would do, is tell her first of all, buy my book Move into the magic. It’s a $16 investment. It’s worth it. It’s cheap. Get it. It’s one Kindle, even cheaper. And look at your programming about men and about sex and about love. Because you are the creator of your life, that’s what it goes back to. If the same pattern is repeated over and over and over ad nauseam, over and over again–

Frank: You better believe it’s you.

Maxine: It’s you.

Frank: Yes.

Maxine: You said it.

Frank: Alright.

Maxine: Now, that’s not to blame you.

Frank: Exactly, it’s not a bad thing.

Maxine: It’s not a bad thing. And if it’s bugging you, you can change it. What I have found is if it’s in our life, we want it. If it’s not in our life, we don’t. But the person who is not taking responsibility says, “That’s not true. I want this man. He’s the love of my life.” No, he’s not, he’s the lust of your life at this moment and he’s sitting perfectly into your love/romance program–

Frank: Wow.

Maxine: That you got from daddy.

Frank: In your coaching, how do you advise someone to deal with a personal pattern that may be bugging them verses a personal pattern that you suggest that they just simply accept?

Maxine: Oh, well, that’s a great, great question.

Frank: I try.

Maxine: In my program, in my book–it’s all in my book, I laid it out there. I look at–I help them see the commitment that they made as a little kid. This starts before the age of six. The commitment that they made to their mothers, to their fathers, their family and there are four other categories. When they see the commitment and see the ramifications of the commitment, they can change the commitment. And when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Frank: Absolutely.

Maxine: When you change your commitment, your life changes. So, I don’t tell them either accept it or reject it. It’s not to throw out the baby with the bath water. It’s not, “Okay, you’ve got six toes, you have to live with it.” That’s a different story. I’m talking about if you’ve got a pattern and you don’t like it, go back to where it began. Go back to the origination and I will help you see it and release it and rewrite it.

Frank: What’s an example of a commitment?

Maxine: Oh, the most important commitment we make is to our mother. She carries us for nine months. We think her thoughts, her cells are our cells. So she is the first person to who we make a commitment. A very simple commitment, a very common commitment is to be a surrogate parent to our young–if you’re the first born, be the surrogate parent, the surrogate mother, to your five siblings. In other words, help your mother. Well, the rest of your life, your role is that of surrogate mother and you’re always taking care of people, so you’ll attract to you people who need to be taken care of and your complaint is, “When do I get taken care of?” And the answer is, “You don’t. You do not.”

Frank: Well, what about, You’ve been, being taken care of by-being giving people to take care of, because you’ve committed to taking care of other people?

Maxine: You can change the commitment, because it’s an unbalanced equation. I’m one of those people who loves to give. I just gave you my commitment to my mother. That’s what it was. I know at first hand and what many women have that many first born children have that.

Okay, I love to give. I will always love to give, but the problem became that I couldn’t receive. Because of my commitment, I’m not allowed to receive. I’m supposed to give. So I changed it, I changed it and I can receive now. I can receive better than I used to. I’m not claiming to be totally balanced in that area, because look at the work I do. I’m a mother. I nurture people in my career.

But I have learned, okay the healthy relationships are the ones in which most of everybody’s needs are met. And this is what I help people do, by seeing the commitments they made and then they have the choice of whether they want to keep them or change them.

And Frank I promise you, I have done that workshop, it’s called, a “Move into the Magic” workshop. I’ve done it for about 30 years. I have yet to find anyone who wants to keep their original commitments.

Frank: Interesting.

Maxine: Because they served us as children, but as adults we want love. How can I possibly find love, if I’m a mommy? Who wants to marry his mommy? Well, most men do. This is the sad part. Most men do and they put mother on their girlfriends and on their wives and all of that.

Here’s another commitment. One of my students had this one, “Don’t trust a man.”

Frank: Really.

Maxine: There is it right there. “Don’t trust a–”

Frank: Really? That’s a commitment, really?

Maxine: There’s the commit-“Don’t trust a man.” Well, she’s been divorced three times.

Frank: It’s working for her.

Maxine: It is so working for her. You got it. So, she needs to change that, because–

Frank: If she wants a different result.

Maxine: That’s exactly why she–that’s it. She says, “Am I ever going to be able to find love?” Well, she’s 50 years old and she’s dynamite. She’s a pistol, which is very threatening to a lot of men and she attracts men who want her to take care of them. Why? Because she’s the leader and she doesn’t trust men, so she pushes them away. Well, we worked on her commitment to her mother, to her father and to all the other people and she sees it very clearly now. Now the ball is in her court, Frank. She can change that. She’s already rewritten those commitments and now she’s out in the world, applying those changes and I’m–

Frank: So, does she say her commitment to herself everyday? Does she pray–

Maxine: No.

Frank: On it? How does that work?

Maxine: Well, I describe it very, very simply in my book. When you see your commitment, your original commitment, it’s usually yucky–

Frank: Uh-huh.

Maxine: It really is, and there’s a very simple technique for releasing it that we do right then and there. It takes a minute. The commitment wants to leave. So we allow it to leave. Then you rewrite it and you accept that. It’s a very simple technique. And you write it down, so it’s in front of you and you see it visually. We’re visual learners and then you go through a very simple procedure, which I describe and you accept the new commitment. Once you accept it, once you’ve released the old commitment, it’s out of your cells.

When you accept the new one, it replaces those empty–it fills those empty cells, so to speak, with the new belief system. And as you believe, that’s how you create it.

And so, no, you only have to do it once, although you may want to remind yourself of it, if you find yourself back in the same old, same old Ground Hog Day.

Frank: Okay, any suggestion–

Maxine: Okay.

Frank: On how to remind yourself of your commitment?

Maxine: Yeah, when you’re in Ground Hog Day and you feel horrible, just go through your notes.

Frank: Okay.

Maxine: That’s why I wrote the book. It’s so simple.

Frank: What’s the name of the book again?

Maxine: Move into the Magic.

Frank: Okay.

Maxine: And it’s a number one best seller on Amazon. And let me tell you this, it’s available on Kindle and it’s also available free on the Kindle library. So you don’t have to spend a dime to get that book.

Frank: You can rent it and is that–

Maxine: Free.

Frank: Okay, okay. So with the library–I don’t know anything about the Kindle verses the Kindle library. Does the library side, it’s not you’re renting it, you can actually get it and keep it?

Maxine: I think–I have not done it myself, but my understanding is that you don’t pay anything–

Frank: Okay.

Maxine: You download it and it’s yours for, I think, a month or two, something like that.

Frank: Alright, got it.

Maxine: Which is cool? It’s still free.

Frank: Yeah, yeah. You are listening to Frank Relationships and we’re talking with internationally known astrologer, energy healer, spiritual coach, teacher, speaker and published author, Maxine Taylor. One more time, please tell our listeners how they can find you and learn about your services.

Maxine: All they have to do is go to my wonderful website maxinetaylor.com. My contact information is there, if they have questions. If they want to talk with me, my phone number is there, maxinetaylor.com. I’m also on Facebook and on Twitter, Linked In. Oh, I have a podcast. I have a podcast on–

Frank: Very nice

Maxine: On iTunes.

Frank: Uh-huh.

Maxine: It’s free. It’s a free podcast. And every week, I go into the aspects, the forecast for every single sign and you can go to the podcast at maxinetaylor.libsyn.com. maxinetaylor.libsyn.com and you can play it free of charge.

Frank: You talked a few minutes ago about two individuals who were married–

Maxine: Yes.

Frank: And dating each other–

Maxine: Yes.

Frank: How do you deal with strong charged issues like that, where if you talk publicly about two people dating each other that are married, you get looked at cross-eyed, people say, that’s horrible, never happen, should never happen. How do you deal with that type of tone?

Maxine: Well, first of all, it’s not my place to judge anybody.

Frank: Alright.

Maxine: My way is right for me. Your way is right for you. The arrogance of the human ego to judge based on what churches tell us, parents tell us, I mean again, they’re doing the best job they know how. But because of our programming and we’ve talked about that, you do what you do, because you want to. I have lived long enough to know that there are things that people do that I myself would not do, but who am I to tell them not to do it? So, I don’t judge. I used to.

I’ve got to tell you this quick story about that, because it really explains it. When I first got into astrology, I was a kid. I was in my 20’s. Gosh I didn’t know much about anything, but when you’re in your 20’s you think you know everything. So anyhow, I saw this woman and she was coming for a reading and I had her birth chart and in her birth chart, it said that she was selfish. Now this doesn’t have anything to do with a relationship, but it has to do with judgment. It said that she was selfish and I was going to tell her that when she came for her reading, Frank.

Frank: “You are selfish.”

Maxine: Yeah, I was just going to tell it like it was. Well, she came in for her reading and I really liked her. She was great. She was delightful. We could have been really good friends, if we hadn’t been astrologer and client. And then, it was time as I’m reading her chart, to tell her she’s selfish.

Frank/Maxine: “You’re selfish.”

Maxine: And I started dancing around it, like I could barely get the words out. And she saw I was having a problem and she reached across the table, she put her hand on mine and she said, “Let me help you, Maxine. I’m selfish.” I said to her, “Oh no you’re not,” because at that point, I was able to walk a mile in her shoes. And what I’ve seen is that, I’m able to put myself in my clients place and I have no judgment on them. Now I did have client years ago who gambled for a living.

Frank: Uh-huh.

Maxine: That’s what he did and he made a fortune.

Frank: He made a living.

Maxine: Oh honey, did he ever. He was living large and I thought I judged him, but I didn’t say anything. And he came back a year later and said, “You know, I sensed that perhaps what I did for a living bothered you.” Well, by that time I had worked through that judgment thing, once and for all. And I said, “You know it was not my lifestyle, but let me tell you something, who am I to tell you how to make a living-”

Frank: Right.

Maxine: You’re living beautifully, you’re living successfully.” You see what I’m saying? I can’t judge anybody.

Frank: I get it.

Maxine: Cool. Cool.

Frank: I did an interview just last night, where I said the reason we do the things that we do, is simply, because we want to.

Maxine: Exactly.

Frank: And we don’t have to make it more complicated than that.

Maxine: Amen. You don’t have to explain yourself to anybody, but your God and God knows and God understands. And the world is so out to judge and when my clients come to my office for a reading or if we do it over the phone, I want them to feel that they’re in a safe haven. That what they do is fine.

And you know what Frank? The last page of my book, Move into the Magic, really tells my credo. And I’m paraphrasing now, but I truly believe that everyone, you are infinite, immortal, magnificently beautiful, fabulously wealthy, abundantly wealthy, gloriously healthy, loving, precious, joyful spirit, in an earthbound body. You are God in an earthbound body. That’s the truth and everything else is a lie. And so, if you are God in an earthbound body, playing a game here on planet earth and having a blast, how can I judge you? You are perfect, just like you are. Have a wonderful life and if I can–

Frank: Very nice.

Maxine: Help, that’s what I’m here for.

Frank: Okay. You said that ideal relationship or good relationship is one where everyone’s needs or most of the people involved, needs are being met.

Maxine: Yes

Frank: I want to challenge something, a concept around that. Well, I think that if you’re in a relationship, you’re getting something out of it.

Maxine: Yes.

Frank: Your needs are being met, by definition of you just being there.

Maxine: Absolutely.

Frank: Anything?

Maxine: Absolutely.

Frank: Okay.

Maxine: I agree with you 100 percent. The problem is most people don’t recognize that their need to be punished may be what’s being met. Their need to feel abandoned is what’s being met.

Frank: Wow.

Maxine: What I help them do is rewrite their needs, and rewrite their needs, based on their programming so that their higher needs for love and security. A lot of people say they want to be loved and they push love away, because they’re not allowed.

Here’s a perfect example, we are, and this is in my book, we are emotionally married to someone from our childhood. It can be our mommy, our daddy, our grandma, our grandpa, our brother, our sister, but there is an emotional marriage that we have all made in childhood. As we grow and mature, very often we work through that. However, if we have not recognized that emotional attachment to that person, we can actually walk down the isle and still not be married to our spouse–

Frank: Yeah.

Maxine: Emotionally. And so this is where my book is so helpful, where my method is so helpful. So you might say, “Well, my husband don’t meet my needs. He’s just not faithful,” he’s not this, he’s not that. And I’ll say, “He is meeting your needs perfectly. Your needs are to be punished. Your needs are to be abandoned. Your needs are this, because, you’re not allowed to be married emotionally to him.”

Frank: Wow. Can you be emotionally married to more than one person at a time?

Maxine: Yeah. Yes you can.

Frank: Okay

Maxine: There’s a conflict there then.

Frank: Let’s hear it.

Maxine: Well, you’re torn, you’re conflicted. It can be very problematical. Now you can love more than one person at a time, but if you’re emotionally married, that’s the one–when you’re married to someone you rely on and this is a lot heavier than loving–you can love. I love lots of people and I think you do too, Frank, because of the kind of show that you have and the kind of vibes that you send out. I think you have not just a quest for love, but you have–we are love, that’s what we are and we’re looking for our match. But I’m talking about something a whole lot deeper and more problematical that can be resolved very quickly.

And that’s why I do that Move into the Magic workshop in a one-shot workshop. It takes several hours, a few hours, but I do it in one shot. So the person who says, “Listen, the meter’s ticking, let’s get on with this game. I want to find somebody and I see my pattern, I know what I do.” I attract by the way, very advanced clients, people who have looked at themselves as you have. I can hear that you are looking at yourself, by interviewing people, by talking about relationships, which are vitally important, of course. You’re working on you, by the fact that you volunteer to have your natal chart publicized on the air. You’re willing to face you. You want to know what makes you tick. You’re looking for love. This is wonderful. I attract the type–

Frank: Absolutely.

Maxine: Of person who says, “I’m ready, I’m ready to change. If there is something that I brought to the table that is destructive to me; I want to know what it is–”

Frank: “Let’s find it.”

Maxine: “So I can change it.”

Frank: There you go.

Maxine: Yeah. Let’s fix it.

Frank: Is the concept of marriage, does it suggest a one-on-one relationship? And if it does, how do you deal with polygamy, plural relationships, poly relationships and situations of that nature?

Maxine: Well, see that’s entirely up to the individual. Again, Frank I cannot judge somebody. Usually I deal one-on-one with people. Those are the types of relationships I deal with, but when two people are married, for example, they each have outside interests, I just deal with what is without judgment, without judgment. I leave it up to the person to decide what they want to do.

I’ll do a forecast on them and say, “Now, look this is what’s coming up down the road,” and they’ll call me back six months later, a year later, 15 years later and say, “Man, you nailed it. Let’s do it again. Let’s do another forecast.”

Frank: Wow.

Maxine: It’s up to the individual. I’m just a tour guide. I’m telling you, “Okay, first we’re going to stop at McDonald’s, then we’re going over to Arby’s and then we’re going to go to the Varsity and this is it.” This is it, this where we’re going. It’s up to you as to what you order. How long we linger, that type of thing.

Frank: Okay. Have you ever heard of family constellation?

Maxine: Yes.

Frank: Well, our audience hasn’t, so please tell us what you know about it and then I want to see how the two correlate. Astrology and–

Maxine: You know what? I don’t know a great deal about it, but I have a dear friend, who is one of the originators of family constellations and they go hand-in-hand with the work that I do, the Move into the Magic work. They talk about relationships–

Frank: Yes they do.

Maxine: And how you can have different relationships with different people. You can be the leader, the alpha male in one relationship or-I say the alpha dog, because it can be a woman as well. A dog sledge and that’s where it originated, the alpha dog on a dog sledge team.

You have different relationships with different people. You wear different hats with different people and some of those relationships are marvelous and some of them are not. And the ones that are not punch your button and show you what your commitments are and how to change them.

I think anything you do that helps you resolve your relationships is wonderful and let me tell you something, Frank, there comes a point in time. It has happened with me and it has happened with people I know, when you wake up one morning and you realize that a particular relationship is toxic for you. That being with that person, whether they abuse you physically, mentally or emotionally, is harmful to you and maybe your children. And that’s the point at which I say, you have to decide if you want to stay with that person or if you want to leave.

If it’s a marriage and you have children involved, you are responsible for those children until they’re old enough to take care of themselves. Is this abuse going to continue? The only reason it would continue is because the woman is programmed for the abuse. And if I could help her rewrite her programming or one day without my help, she wakes up and says, “Uh-huh, it’s over,” and she does something about it. In that case, in a toxic, in a destructive, in a potentially lethal relationship, you’re crazy to stay with it.

Frank: Uh-huh.

Maxine: I think. That’s my opinion.

Frank: Yeah, yeah, but some people want to be in lethal relationships.

Maxine: Yeah. You said it. You said it and so I can’t help them, except to tell them, “Yeah, you’re in–”

Frank: “You want to be in a lethal relationship.”

Maxine: “You’re in a lethal relationship and it’s entirely up to you. And if at some point, you’re ready to change it, give me a call. I’m here.”

Frank: I can imagine that a person like–well, that some people and maybe a person like yourself with the skills that you have, could invariably not leave the house, because they’re constantly reading to find out answers to given questions. How often do you read for yourself, do you read for yourself and can a person over-read?

Maxine: Oh man, that’s a fabulous question. Yes, on occasion I do read for myself. I’m too busy reading other people, but it’s hard to be objective with yourself. We all read into things, but I have been able to listen within and get my answers. I don’t always obey but I’m told what to do all the time.

When it comes to things like getting stuck in the mud in my car, I’m told, “Don’t park here,” but I park there anyway; that kind of thing. But yes, I do look at my own chart, but it pours over me, it washes off like water on a duck’s back, because my attitude is a very positive one. I know that I can handle pretty much–

Frank: Whatever.

Maxine: Anything that comes along, because I have created it. And if I’ve created it, there’s a reason and if I know the reason, I’ve got the resolution.

Frank: Nice. Well, you’ve been listening to Frank Relationships and we’ve been talking with internationally known astrologer, energy healer, spiritual coach, teacher, speaker and published author, Maxine Taylor. Last time, please tell our listeners how they can find you and learn about your services.

Maxine: Just go to my website www.maxinetaylor.com. I would be delighted to answer your questions.

Frank: Along today’s journey, we’ve discussed the science of astrology, how the stars affect us and how astrology can help our relationships. I hope you’ve had as much fun as I’ve had talking with Maxine Taylor about astrology and relationships.

As always, it’s my wish for you to walk away from this conversation with a heaping helping of useful information that will help you create a relationship that’s as loving and accepting as possible. Let us know what you thought of today’s show at facebook/relationshipflove, on twitter at @mrfranklove or at franklove.com. Until next time, keep rising, This is Frank Love.

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