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Podcast Episode:
The Grand Trine
There is powerful sexual energy that lies within each of us that can be life changing. Stay tuned as we discuss tantra on … on this edition of Frank Relationships.



Guests: Master Yao Nyamekye
Date: January 11, 2016

Frank: There’s a powerful, sexual energy that lies within each of us that can be life changing. Stay tuned as we discuss tantra… on this edition of Frank Relationships.

Yeah. As you all know, those are my babies. As always, thanks for getting daddy’s daughter today.

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Though I may be as great as you think I am, I’m not the only person in the studio. I’m happily joined by some great co-host in their own right. First up is the big soft-hearted funny man, that’s Kweku. Kweku, you may speak.

Kweku: Good morning, Frank. Thank you and Happy New Year to you and your wonderful babies. Happy New Year to everyone.

Frank: Happy New Year. Then we have the pretty godmother, Nancy. Nancy, would you turn that sparkle and smile into a few words for the people.

Nancy: Good morning everyone and yes, Happy New Year. Happy New Year to you, Frank and to our co-host. It’s going to be a very sweet 2016.

Frank: Indeed. And finally there’s the youngest and arguably the cutest of the team, she is Lady L. Hello, Lady L.

Lady L: Hello, Frank Love. Hello, my beautiful team and Happy New Year to all of you out there and especially, Frank Love, this team here. I know it’s going to be a prosperous year for all of us, I’m looking forward to it. It’s going to be a great ride.

Frank: Let’s do it.

Attention all parents and guardians. We are about to talk about sex. If you’ve got a problem with exposing your children to such a conversation, you may want to listen to this show once you ditch the little ones or the big little ones, your teenagers, whatever. Whatever your deal is, that’s your disclaimer.

This week’s guest was once described to me by someone that has taken his class as an absolute master and he has quite an offering. He teaches a unique series of courses designed to radically improve the relationship experience and enhance sexual performance exponentially. It’s called the “grand trine.” Some of the lessons that it includes are relationship dynamics, the eight uniform tantric skills, indigenous sexual science and activating the G-spot. If any of these sounds interesting to you, then join me as I welcome Master Yao Nyamekye to the show.

Welcome, Master Yao.

Yao: Good morning, [unclear / turin]. Good morning to your audience.

Kweku: Good morning.

Nancy: Good morning.

Lady L: Good morning.

Frank: As a man and a husband, how can your work benefit me and my relationship?

Yao: The men in Grand Trine Program, I was said that they operate near the top of the food train. In other words, after a few months in the program, the men acquire a set of skills that are unique, unmatched in their peer group.

Frank: Well what food chain? Are we talking about they get to go out and knock people over their head and they take the stuff? Or—

Yao: No. In terms of the social food chain.

Frank: Okay.

Yao: The skills that they operate allow their sexual performance to be without par in their peer group. Their personality dynamic changes.

Frank: Okay.

Yao: It’s such a fun-to-know level that they are better able to control and recognize their own issues and even more important, they’re better able to navigate the issues of others. It changes the relationships.

Frank: Well okay. We can probably pretty much stop the interview. Where do I sign up?

Kweku: Do you accept wick?

Frank: Now and even though it takes us to the top of the food chain as you say in the social paradigm, with social-slash-sexual, how does that work in terms of just if you have one partner? I mean, there’s just one—I don’t need to be at the top of the food chain. I’m already there. I’m at the top, the bottom, the middle, everything.

Yao: In most of the relationships [unclear] personally, you start out in the honeymoon phase and it digresses from there. It sort of goes downhill, you know. And after I started this work, it did just the opposite. The relationship started in the brand new “Oh I’m so happy to be around you” phase and it went up from there, and it got better. So, even if you’re just with one person… Actually, I like it that way myself personally. I’d rather just be with one woman. It’s difficult to navigate more than one.

Frank: Good night. Are you saying women take energy? Is that what I’m hearing?

Yao: If you’ve been in a relationship for me and most of the men that I know, for months, no. It doesn’t take THAT much.

Frank: Okay.

Yao: In a beginner, it takes quite a bit I think. I think dealing with any person, if you’re raising a child…

Frank: Indeed.

Yao: If you’re in a business relationship with a business partner. Anytime when you have a relationship where there’s more than one entity with two egos clashing, oh yeah. This is going to take some energy.

Frank: Okay. And so, is it possible for my wife—well, you kind of already answered this but you’re saying my wife can actually love me more than she already does? I mean, that’s BIG. Given who I am?

Yao: Absolutely. Because you start to find things that you didn’t think were there. Imagine I have—my students call me and say “My mate, my male or female mate, basically just telling me that I’m bringing out something in them that they didn’t have before. That’s big.

Frank: And this is unique thing but one of your students is actually in the studio. Nancy? You—I mean, I didn’t even know when we booked Master Yao as a guest that you actually are or have been one of his students. So you can speak to this in a whole another level than me or anybody else here, here in the studio atleast. You got something?

Nancy: Yes. What I would like to say first and foremost is thank you, Master Yao. I can barely articulate the difference between my understanding, not just the sexual experience but the life experience before—the difference for me in the level of understanding before Master Yao after. There’s no comparison. I would not go back o what I didn’t know. I absolutely would not and what I had hoped was available in relationship, I learned IS available in relationship but not from the place where I was when I just wanted it. So the depth of intimacy that you can accomplish with another human being, and not just your sexual partner, I find and I discovered this in my daily interactions that I must be more available as a person just by the way people engage me now. People that and it’s not like oh this is a new person, a new guy, a new girl so maybe they’re different. There are people that I’ve known for a couple of years and now they’re much warmer towards me and they’re much more forthcoming about their own issues, more importantly their curiosities. It’s as if I’m more open so people are more open with me.

So just in that general sense, it’s been a phenomenal ride and as relationships go, there are distinctions that Master Yao makes especially in his book Awaken the Master Feminine in the dynamic between man and women, the roles that we play with one another that I’ve been able to massage and play with and extend relationships that would have probably just collapse and die under the paradigm that I had prior to studying them.

Frank: Just by virtue of you being a woman, Lady L, you being a woman, I am going to play with this issue—

Lady L: Sure.

Frank: —talking from the feminine side—

Lady L: Okay.

Frank: —and we talked today. The first thing I want to just get out there is is it safe to say that everybody here has had sex before.

Nancy: Atleast once.

Lady L: It’s safe to say that once had.

Kweku: Yeah.

Frank: Alright.

Lady L: You have to ask her. [Unclear] Kweku’s like—she may not.

Nancy: I love it. We are one virgin potentially.

Frank: But he has children. So…

Kweku: I mean you know how that goes…

Nancy: The verdict’s still out.

Lady L: The verdict’s still out, don’t say that just shit no. Seriously.

Frank: Okay, alright. Master Yao, what is indigenous sexual science?

Yao: Well, it’s the original science. It would be defined that a set of natural laws which came about through internal observation rather than external observation. Western science of the science that we know today is relatively new. It’s only been around for the last 200 years and it’s basic talking about things that occur from external observation and then they try to confirm it through internal observation so as to reverse. The difference between the two is that indigenous science usually comes about through some type of occult process and it’s been confirmed by external observation over generations a long period of time before it’s accepted.

Frank: And is this touched on in any of your books and it’s definitely—through my understanding—touched on in your course?

Yao: That’s the—it is the foundation of it. All of what they call Mystery Systems, all of the secret societies basically operate off on indigenous science and indeed almost all science that they’ve known of is based on, originally, indigenous science.

In other words, if you looked at such things that biochemistry, it’s based on indigenous science. George Washington Carver was an indigenous scientist or Benjamin Franklin was an indigenous scientist. His information came first from the indigenous science and then he confirmed it using regular, what you call orthodox science. Medicine, most drugs came about from talking with shaman in the jungles and whatever and finding out what worked and then trying to find a drug complement to that are using those plants to make drugs from. Aspirin came about from indigenous science of a Native American.

And so, for 5,000 years that was the only science. We use herbs to heal, we use what we found in nature because we knew about those things and it’s only in the last 200 years of that 5,000 years that we’ve only used the external science as the basis for everything and we’ve forgotten about the internal science.

And so when I discovered this, when I did the Amanmere Project—

Frank: The what?

Yao: The Amanmere Project where I spent 7 years studying with indigenous science that shamans and that kind of thing.

Frank: Okay.

Yao: When I did that and I saw what was possible, that’s why I wrote all the books and fashion these courses because it’s something that’s being lost. It’s being—you know, religions have pretty much wiped about around the globe and it’s something that we should not lose because it’s really—it’s opposed to work like this. You’re supposed to understand something from inside first and then you try to find out if it works using the outside process. We’ve got it backwards now. We’re doing the outside thing first then we try to confirm it using the laws of whatever. And it just doesn’t work that well.

The other thing, if you look at how we deal with stuff—let’s say the FDA approves of medicine and based on outside science. What we normally find is that we don’t know if it’s safe or not and 2 years later we have a bunch of lawsuits because we discovered it wasn’t as good as we thought it was. If you do it the opposite way, if you take the internal science first, you’d never have that problem because the internal science would’ve rejected it even before the external science confirm that.

Frank: A lot of what you’re saying sounds in the air… translated into an experience that someone who has never heard of your work or tantra can—where it matters to them.

Yao: Well, indigenous science basically says that you are a super human sexually and that it’s in your DNA. And if you bring it out, you will see the result of that and that’s what we do. We take that science and we show you how to wake up your sexual DNA and then you see the result of it in your life. You see that if you stop trying to do things externally and go inside, and simply wake up what’s already there, you’re capable of doing things that other people would consider extraordinary.

For instance, the orgasmic experience, most people have experienced is what we call a juvenile orgasm. Humans are capable of a much bigger experience, what we call ESR or Expanded Sexual Response and so everybody thinks you got to take something or you got to go through some kind of weird process—it’s not true. You simply wake up the DNA and you’re capable of it. It takes time, it does take a lot of work but every human being is capable of it. We have men who’ve experienced one hour orgasms. Not six, the order…

Lady L: I’d love to see that.

Yao: We have women who have experienced three hours of not one orgasm but a series of orgasms lasting three hours and not only that but during this orgasmic period, healing takes place which is the natural adult way of sex occurring. Sex is a healing and also a pleasurable experience. That’s how what indigenous science claims it to be.

So it’s the same thing with whatever you do… the way that you work, the way that you laugh, the way that you look at help. When you start from the DNA and work out, it’s a much more a fulfilling experience.

Frank: What I outline a developmental process as I’ve seen it, as I’ve experienced it in some ways. Okay your boy, six years old, you’re talking to your friends and you learn about sex and you do the oochie-coochie and what you start talking about as a kid, you stumble upon somebody’s porn and you look at it, and that’s the magazines then you stumble upon the videos and then you get to be your teens and you have a sexual experience, you masturbate, you get into your later teens and you have more sexual experiences, you get to your twenties, you have more sexual experiences, eventually you have a steady or maybe earlier you have a steady sexual experience and you have some kids and you’re married and you—

Kweku: It is over.

Frank: Yeah. What else you got?

Kweku: That’s it.

Frank: What am I missing?

Kweku: That’s it.

Nancy: Plenty.

Lady L: yeah, you’re missing a whole lot. You really are missing a whole lot because even as my studio is saying it’s again tapping into that energy within and being able to—I want to say have that belief for that super human on that I’m super human that I can still dig deep within myself to find that energy to be please or to accept what it is that I have to give and offer and know that even though it’s 20 years later, I still can offer the very best or even better because I’m now—what is that—sweeter than I was before?

Frank: What are you talking about? You ain’t never even heard of tantra.

Lady L: Hey listen!

Frank: You got deep in the last 5 minutes.

Lady L: Me in tantra connected without even you knowing we’re connecting.

Frank: Okay.

Lady L: Trust me.

Frank: So Master Yao…

Yao: Let me respond. First and foremost, in this society, we are in the sexual dark ages and this mainly comes about through the practice of religion because in this society, fear is the thing they use to [unclear / fool] people.

Frank: Absolutely.

Yao: If we fear sex, which is the exact opposite of what we’re supposed to do, that’s really no like you say. No it’s no true education. When you have the indigenous science, what you look at and you see is that you have a whole set of DNA that is dormant when you were born, not being you. It doesn’t begin to come on line until you go through puberty. What I discovered, what I studied, was that we never finished puberty.

In other words, we’re supposed to do things and things are supposed to wake up to our puberty that never do. And so—

Frank: Like what?

Yao: All of your faculties, they’re dormant. They have never woken up.

Frank: Well what are some of those faculties?

Yao: Well, as I’m saying what should happen is that you’re supposed to go through a rite of passage to help wake them up and that never happens because people are afraid of sex. What we do is we tell people to do exactly the opposite of what should be happening. We tell young girls “Don’t get pregnant.” We tell them “Don’t look attractive,” “Don’t use your sex to get money.” We tell them “Don’t, don’t, don’t.” We never go and teach them how to “Do, do, do.” We never teach them how to be a wife, how to be sensual, how to conduct yourself in the bedroom. We never do that.

Frank: Well how do you be sexual if you taught—I’ve got three daughters and help me how that conversation—how can they be sexual?

Yao: You have to understand that there’s two bodies. There’s a physical body and an energy body. So for a woman, she has an energy womb and a physical womb. The energy womb is much more important than the physical womb. So you will teach her the science of that and how to develop that. That’s an entire science that goes with the whole thing. So that she understands that she can bring her programs, her DNA programs on line to help her learn how to operate her energy womb, her energy reproductive system and then she’s able to do things to a man, with a man that the normal woman is not.

So same thing with the man. Then if she’s dealing with the man, who’s learned these things, there are certain things she’s just not going to do. Also, she is going to deal with her a different way because there’s an energy connection between their bodies and it’s not just the physical connection between the cell body.

For instance, women, their energy womb, the first three men that penetrate her in sex imprint an energy unto her womb and that sets into motion something that causes her development to change. She is imprinted by those men and she begins to try to change to be a complement to those men. Those other men who represent the type of man that she is going to be attracted to as an adult.

Lady L: That’s just with the asset…

Kweku: Wow, interesting.

Yao: So if you don’t want her attracted to an immature man—if you stop and think about who at 13, 14, 15 year old girl is likely to have sex with, those boys are if they’re older are probably not going to be the most mature examples of an energy of a man that you want her imprinted with. This is why an indigenous society that was a great deal of arranged marriages.

Frank: Right.

Yao: The other thing is, if you know the science then you can teach and your daughter understands that she can moderate this, she can manage this. Therefore, she knows that you don’t get your emotions part of your sex at an early age. You don’t do that until later on when you get married and you learn how to manage that. This whole thing of romantic love at the age of 16, 17, 18 is not good at all and needs to be supervised and managed.

Frank: Supervised—wow.

Yao: So when you understand it in a manner of the energy body and you understand that you can have control of that, then you don’t have all of this fear going into the relationships at the early hour as an adult. You understand that the things you can do about pregnancy, for instance, males can learn to hold their seed during sex.

Frank: But why would they want to? Well other than the pregnancy.

Yao: Well, there’s several reasons. Number one, pregnancy management. Number two, when you hold your seed, you build up your power. Men have menstrual cycles just like women do.

Frank: Is that a real concept? Because I’ve heard that so many times over the years if you look at athletics, particularly boxing, they do not believe in having sex before a bout or particularly before a major bout. I mean that is an extreme no-no during training cap. So does that touch on what you’re talking about?

Yao: Exactly. But the male menstrual cycle is very different from the female menstrual cycle of course. But what you have is that if as a male you want to build up your energy over several cycles, each time you hold your seed for a person of a cycle, it elevates your energy to another level. What you want to do is you want to get your energy up to a particular level and hold it there for one complete cycle. It changes you, it changes your dynamic.

Frank: Don’t pause the cycle. I mean, when a woman is monthly but what is it in a man?

Yao: It’s a monthly cycle in the man too but it’s a lunar month. It’s not a 30-day month, it’s a 28-day month. The cycle works differently in a man. The point is that, it’s when the cycle starts and ends and what you do during that cycle. It’s like a thermostat. Each time you go to a particular cycle as a man and you do certain things to your energy, it changes your internal thermostat and that’s what you’re trying to do. It’s a little complicated for a short conversation to get into it.

Frank: I understand.

Yao: The point, the bottomline is this: there are times when you want to give your seed away and there are times when you don’t. There are times when giving your seed away diminishes your kundalini.

Frank: Woah. I didn’t say nothing bad about your momma.

Yao: There are times when giving your seed away—

Frank: Kundalini?

Yao: —makes your kundalini rise up.

Frank: What’s a kundalini?

Yao: That is your life energy, your life force. I guess that’s the best way to describe it.

Frank: Okay.

Yao: It’s the sexual appetite are driven by the kundalini. The kundalini is something that internal to you and it’s the thing that’s really of our energizing your energy body. So when you eat your food and you do other kind of things, there’s a chemical reaction that powers your physical self but then that’s also an energy body which is much more important and it has a force of energy too and normally it’s called a kundalini. Inspect is what brings it up or down depending on how you moderate that. That’s the best way to describe that.

The point is that there’s a science for men to bring their power up and part of that science is the way you eat, part of your exercise and breathing, part of that is how you manage your sexual energy and some of that is talking about retaining your seed. If you retain your seed based on the science, when you’re supposed to then it changes your hormones.

In other words, what happens is, we can tell a man what a cycle is by saying how often in the morning does he wake up with an erection? That’s telling him what his internal cycle, what his menstrual cycle is doing. And then, we can see by that because that is caused by the pituitary glands secreting tropic hormones down to the testes, causing the testes to dump testosterone. So now we can say, this man’s menstrual cycle is such and such and such. And so what we want to do is we want to change that.

The other things a man is going to see when he manages his energy this way is that his endurance is going to increase, his stamina is going to increase.

Frank: In any place, not just sexually.

Yao: True. Exactly, exactly. So he can use that. If he wants to be an athlete, he can use it that way. If he wants to be a stud, he can use it that way. If he wants to be enlightened and he wants to be one of his conscious brothers, he can use it that way. The point is, he can use it.

Frank: Okay.

Yao: And then he can also use it to heal the woman. A lot of times, women give you issues in relationships because they’re not filled. There’s something wrong emotionally, physically. Once you begin that healing process, a lot of the issues, the conflicts that is present in the common relationships today begins to disappear.

So when I say a man has a certain skill set when he’s in a Grand Trine Program, if you can heal a woman, that’s a skill set most men don’t have.

Frank: Absolutely, especially if you get less drama.

You’re listening to Frank Relationships. We’re talking with Master Yao Nyamekye. He’s a tantric instructor and he has a class coming up soon also. We haven’t talked about that Master Yao but please tell our listeners how they can find out more about you, your work and your upcoming class.

Yao: The next class begins January 16 and we have classes where you can attend them live, in person here in Atlanta, Georgia but a lot of people don’t live in the Atlanta area and they still want to take the classes. So they take the classes virtually over the internet.

Frank: Okay.

Yao: And we have a link that you can go to and we’ll give that out in a second.

Frank: Do you have an email address that folks can send you requests, questions and things like that regarding the class right?

Yao: Yes.

Frank: What’s that?

Yao: That’s thegrandtrine@gmail.com and the staff will answer that every day.

Frank: Got it, got it.

Yao: Also, you can go to masteryao.com, the website but the Eventbrite page is the easiest way to get information on that particular class.

Frank: And if they shoot you an email, you will send them the Eventbrite link?

Yao: That’ll work too.

Frank: Okay, alright. You noted that there’s an option of being present for the class but also a virtual component. Tell me how long are the classes, is it ideal to come to Atlanta or to be at Atlanta for the class?

Yao: There’s actually T3 tiers to the Grand Trine Program and this division. And so it’s like this, the T3 class is about 6 months long. It’s pretty intense. It’s for people who want to be professional tantra people. The Tier 2 is a midterm type class. It lasts about 2 months. It’s not as intense but is pretty out there. And then the Tier 1 class is where you start. That’s about 7 sessions, it lasts about a month and a half and the classes are about 2-2 ½ hours each. So it’s about 20 hours of instructions. You can do it through the videos and through live chat and you’re watching the class either recorded or you’re watching it in real time, or you’re watching the video of the class just previous but absolutely, most people would rather attend in person. But we’ve had people who attend the video class and what they do is they will make a trip to Atlanta for one of the classes where we’re doing the table work so that they can experience that. That is something that I think most people would rather be there in person for because it’s interactive. When you’re taking it over the internet, you need a tantric buddy.

Frank: Okay.

Yao: And you do the work with your buddy while, ride along with us as we’re doing it in class. But of course if you’re there in person, you can get some tutoring and things like that. So a lot of people, they don’t make the trip here even if they’re in Florida, North Carolina, Tennessee. We’ve had people come from as far away as Ohio to come down here for a weekend and experience it while they’re taking the class at home.

Frank: and is the class weekly, every other week, monthly, what?

Yao: It’s usually twice a week. Usually there’s a component that you watch at home during the week and then you come for the live component on the weekend. Normally there is on Saturdays or Sundays.

Frank: And if I wanted to—what if I’m in a relationship, is it ideal to bring my partner or does it really matter?

Yao: The couples that expand and evolve the quickest are couples. Single people sometimes have issues in that. They come and take the class and then their partners all of a sudden appears a little bit behind the eight ball. We do have some struggles with that where people who’ve taken a class who are single and they’re dating, they kind of like want something more than their partners are able to offer—I’ll let Nancy talk about answering that question.

Frank: Oh boy. Alright.

Nancy: That’s comical. Thank you, guys. Well, I will say that tantra transforms your expectations of the sexual and the relationship experience. So you go from what I heard one woman call “junk food sex to gourmet” and naturally, to prepare a gourmet meal requires another depth of understanding a relationship about foods, spices, their impact on the senses, the body—that kind of thing. So tantra’s no different. It takes you into a gourmet possibility as it relates to relationships and the sexual experience.

So what you run into as a single person is that NOW you require a certain depth of relatedness with the person to explore it fully—

Lady L: Because you’ve elevated yourself basically.

Nancy: Well not only that. You’ll find that sex is such a… like a tender spot for just about everybody, that you’re going to—especially when Master Yao talks about healing, you’ve got it. That’s a very vulnerable thing, a very vulnerable place to be with another human being.

Lady L: It is?

Nancy: So if you don’t have the depth of relationship, it’s difficult or it can be difficult to invite another person into that place with you, to lay themselves open before you and you before them and get that work done. Because often times, there’s some murky places that people need to transition through to get to the juice.

Lady L: Now I have a question because—

Nancy: Sure.

Lady L: —you and Master Yao touched on this. Now he talks about the DNA imprint and spoke earlier of basically when we as women, our first couple of sexual experiences, we are imprinting our DNA or that those individual’s DNA within us and that the setting the bar as to basically what we are willing to accept as far as the physical—

Nancy: Or what you attract. Yeah.

Lady L: —or what you attract. And so, my question would be is—because I’m sure we have some in the audience who may have the same question. Well you know, I’ve dealt with some dirtbags so I’ve dealt some—you know…

Frank: Would you have said that right?

Lady L: You know, I was… I wanted to say that, what… How is it that you, I guess want to say—

Nancy: How do you get pookie out of your experience?

Frank: How you get the dirt out. Yeah.

Lady L: Yeah. How do you remove, you know… the not-so pleasurable or would you say the junk food from your system to replace that gourmet meal—

Nancy: Right, right.

Lady L: —because again, this is what we really are accustomed to attracting.

Nancy: Sure.

Lady L: So now how does that work?

Nancy: Well Master Yao—

Frank: Do douche.

Nancy: Oh no sweetheart. Absolutely it’s not quite—now it does require cleaning up your vibration. There’s no question about that.

Lady L: I agree, I agree.

Nancy: However, I think Master Yao, that’s your question.

Yao: Well, it’s a complicated question actually. I’m going to make it as simple as possible. There’s a ritual called the “honeymoon ritual” which today, people think you do it in one night but actually it takes 9 months. That’s what ritual is. It’s removing the woman’s previous womb imprint and replacing it with the husband-to-be’s imprint.

Kweku: Why?

Yao: But now, if you’re going to do it quicker than that, you do it 5 table work where you have a very energetically strong man and he does a certain process that removes the old imprint. Now, so it’s possible to do; it’s not easy. There’s a process that the woman has to go through to be receptive to another imprinting because the first imprint is very strong, teenage girls are—they’re very actively hungry for an imprint. And so when the teenage girl has her first sexual experience, it’s not like any other sexual experience and it’s hard to duplicate that receptiveness that she’s in, before she has her first experiences.

Frank: I’m having a breakdown here. I’ve got a teenage daughter.

Kweku: I’ve got one too.

Lady L: I did.

Frank Help me out.

Lady L: Help me.

Kweku: I think he’s suggesting an arranged intimacy.

Yao: It’s a big thing that you know, we really need to be talking about it in this society because old man’s heartbreaks so much disappointment, so much stuck as long life long, so much trauma. Imagine if her first experience is rape.

Kweku: Yeah.

Frank: That’s common.

Yao: Do I need to go further?

Frank: Not at all.

Nancy: And I think that that—I’m sorry to cut you off Master but I think you would agree that that is also cause and effect in the breakdown of the human family. We can’t even create families anymore because of like you said, the heartbreak, the disappointments, the not being directed properly or having the discussions that’s needed to be had between parents and children and about even their first sexual experience, should they had one when they have one and how they should have one and WHO they should have one with if they so choose to do so.

Yao: Absolutely.

Frank: I’ve got two dad questions. One is, is it even appropriate for a dad to have sex/sexual conversations with his teenage daughter? That’s number one. And two, is it appropriate for—what position does the dad play and the sexual growth of his daughter? And that’s almost—ahh—to even and I admittedly, I have asked my daughter has she had sex, I’ve asked her is she interested in sex and she’s 16. And so, I clearly have my own answer to that but I’m curious as to where you jump in on that.

Yao: In indigenous culture, the father and mother model the right way for their kids. And so, you should be kissing your wife in front of your kids, you should be hugging your wife in front of your kids, and you should let them see the two of you argue and make up. So that they can understand that things can get bad and they can get good again. You have to have the conversations and they should start around about 3. Just in the same way that we teach kids how to read, you do the same thing with sex. You don’t start out with a complicated discussions, you start out just as if you can use dolls or some of [unclear / range] do but you got to have those conversations.

More important than the conversations is if you develop the female’s energy body. She will be able to know things and do things any way, regardless of what’s going on in society. She will have an internal accomplice. Well, I think that there are certain restrictions for visions and supervisions as required. What’s wrong in this society is that they don’t know how to do it the right way. And so I think there’s two conversations that has to happen.

Frank: I’m listening.

Yao: This work can go wrong and the consequences. You need that conversation and equally, you need the conversation when it’s time for things to happen, this is what love looks like, this is how you get to that place.

Frank: Wow. You mentioned that 3 tiers and you have a class coming up next week I think, the 16th you said of January?

Yao: Yes.

Frank: And we are recording in 2016—for those who may be listening to this show in years to come. But the 3 tiers and one starts next week, is that the beginning of all three tiers? So if you want to take tier 1, you’d start then? Tier 2 you’d start then? And it’s Tier 3, you’d start then? Or is it one of those 3?

Yao: It’s Tier 1 and we always start with Tier 1. We really don’t even advertise the Tier 2 and 3 that much out to the general public.

Frank: Okay.

Yao: So yeah, that’s the Tier 1 class and you must take Tier 1 before you can take Tier 2. Tier 2 lasts about 2 months and it’s a little bit more intense. It’s kind of a different dynamic there.

Frank: So they build on each other?

Yao: Exactly.

Frank: Gotcha.

Yao: And not everybody is going to take Tier 3. Not everybody’s going to take Tier 2. I would say half the people who take Tier 1—that’s as far as they go because this is spend alone experience. You can just take Tier 1, stop and you’re good because what happens is most of the transformations occurs after the class. It’s not something that’s going to happen in 6 weeks. You take the class and you begin to see things happening. But the transformation—we’re deep in some conditioning, believe me and it’s a few months before you really get out of that and you really start to see all of the marvellous that can happen from the class.

A lot of people they like after they take the class they’re sort of like in shock, really. Because they discover a lot of stuff they just completely overturn what they thought they knew and it opens up some stuff that is like—seriously, a lot of people when they finish that Tier 1 class, they’re walking around in shock because things start to change. As Nancy said, a lot of women noticed all of a sudden men start looking at them differently and they’re like “Why?” and they’re getting a different energy. Men are coming up to them at the gas station… and it’s a good vibration but it’s like—

Nancy: They might even pay for your gas.

Yao: Yeah.

Kweku: It’s all coming out now… It’s all coming out…

Yao: Okay, we talked about energy but I didn’t really think it was going to work like that and then it started working. Healing really can be traumatic because you’re like… you go back and you’ll see things that happen when you were a teenager again and stuff like that.

So yeah, the class coming up is Tier 1 and just that experience for most people is pretty much life changing.

Frank: You’re listening to Frank Relationships. We’re talking with Master Yao Nyamekye. He’s a tantric instructor and he has a class coming up soon. Master Yao, we’ve been talking about it a little bit but would you give that information again, that email address?

Yao: That’s thegrandtrine@gmail.com and the staff will respond promptly and let you have, give you any links or answer any questions.

Frank: How do people generally find out about the class?

Yao: You really—right now it’s word of mouth. We really have not started a marketing program to the general public yet. We do some really teeny-tiny things but right now—mostly it’s people who take the class, talk to other people and they hear about it and they contact us.

Frank: You’ve written 5 books and the most popular being “Awakening the Master Feminine,” would you give a spiel about that one and the others?

Yao: The “Awakening the Master Feminine,” I did a series of lectures back in the—about 8 or 9 years ago and women like them so much that they petitioned me to write a book about them. It basically talks about second puberty. In other words, the fact that women never finish puberty and they never develop their feminine attributes, and so we’ve put it into a book that process and how to do it and what the effects are.

Frank: And what is menopause? You just said that and the word that popped into my head when you talk about second puberty was menopause. What is menopause fall into any of this?

Yao: No, no second puberty is not menopause. That’s the puberty process where the reason women have puberty is because they have a faculty inside called the Master Feminine Faculty and that faculty is what wakes up her feminine attributes in her DNA which are dormant. What we want, is we want every woman to wake up ALL of those faculties. Most women start the process and in a couple of years shut it down. We teach them in the book how to wake them back up again and how to wake them ALL up if possible. Because the woman who wakes up ALL of those faculties is like night and day to the woman who has it. She’s learned all the stuff and she’s able to do all these stuff that completely separates her from the average woman—and that is the topic of that book.

It also talks about what is happening with her and the man she’s dealing with. The last chapter in the book deals with how the woman deals with the man in this day and age. So it’s a very popular book because it really talks about a feminine energy.

Frank: And where can we get that? Where can that be ordered from?

Yao: That would be go to the website masteryao.com.

Frank: Okay. And what about the—

Yao: They can go to masteryao.com/grandtrinebooks and that will take them directly to the book page.

Frank: What about the other books?

Yao: We have—most of the books are non-fiction. They came about as a consequence of the process that I went through in the ‘90s where I was initiated in various indigenous mystery systems. The main book, the first book that came out was called “Amanmere” and it basically talks about the role of the indigenous cultures and family and the relationships and sex. It was a very popular book back in the ‘90s but it sent them—some of the interest was lost. We have a book called “The Return” and that starting to have a resurgent now because “The Return” which came out in 2001 talked about what was going to happen now. It talks about community and things like that.

We had a book called “The Natural Blueprint” and the last book that we did in 2010, 2011 was the first fictional work. I wrote many fictions—many works of fiction, many novels and I started publishing them in 2011, 2010. That’s about an ultimate world, a different world that comes about after the end of this world and it follows a group of people who are trying to change the world based on what they knew about the world that used to be. It’s pretty interesting. People who read it really, really love it. It’s called “The Oracle of Khemsa Nu.” I don’t know if Nancy had that book or not.

Nancy: No, I haven’t read that.

Yao: Okay. So those are the five books and I have like nine others. I just haven’t published them yet.

Frank: Well we’re anxiously awaiting all of them. I’m going to pick up the “Awakening the Master Feminine” immediately and check it out. I’m also interested in next week’s class but we’ll see how that works out.

Activating the G-spot. What is the G-spot? How do you activate it? Give me a few tips.

Lady L: Please.

Frank: I see women lining up outside the door waiting for the answer… just as I asked the question.

Yao: It’s one of our favourite classes. That’s a Tier 2 exercise that we do because of the legal constraints. We cannot actually activate it in class because it requires penetrating the vagina. But it’s based n the science of reflexology. In other words, you have 4 reflexology zones in the body. One of them is the genitals and most people, most of that reflexology met at the vagina or on the penis is inactive. It’s asleep. And so, the key to activating it starts with the G-spot.

The G-spot is the controlling reflexology spot for the vagina and it’s not IN the vagina. The G-spot is a little tube, like a little teeny-tiny penis that’s just outside of the vagina near the roof, near the top and when it’s properly activated, it pushes down into the vagina so that it can be contacted by the penis.

So when women get aroused, sometimes the G-spot becomes engorged and it pushes down inside the vagina a little. But it doesn’t release from the ganglia, the balder ganglia that it’s attached to. The activation of the G-spot causes the entire ganglia and the G-spot to be connected to all of the other reflex points in the vagina. What happens is, the woman’s experience after that activation is completely different from her experience before.

I would say maybe 8% or 9% of young girls activate the G-spot naturally. In other words, something happens to them when they’re young. They go a little bit far further in the puberty process in most women and they activate their own G-spot. We don’t know how at this point that they do that. We kind of have an idea but it’s not been proven yet. Those women those young girls have a very different sexual experience than most of the women. Oftentimes, it results in some problems because they are more sexually active, they go into trance when they have sex. They like sex so much that it kind of gets them into trouble it they don’t have the proper guidance. In the older women, it has to be activated manually. So we teach men how to do it. We show them actually in class and then it’s up to them to go out and actually follow through.

The key of it is, something called the bladder ganglia—the bladder is right above the vagina. In between the bladder and the vagina is a special group of nerves, a junction of nerves. And so, we have to energize that with energy first on the table and then the mechanical process then becomes possible. Basically what you’re doing is you’re connecting this ganglia of nerves to the rest of the vagina. That is the essential process.

Frank: Okay. One more time, would you give us that email address?

Yao: thegrandtrine@gmail.com.

Frank: Along today’s journey, we’ve discussed Master Yao’s upcoming course on tantra, the fear of sex and the G-spot. I hope you’ve had as much fun as I’ve had learning about tantric work and the wisdom of Master Yao.

As always, it’s my wish for you to walk away from this conversation with a heaping, helping of useful information that I hope you create a relationship that’s as loving and accepting as possible.

Let us know what you think of today’s show at facebook.com/relationshipflove, on Twitter at @mrfranklove or at franklove.com.

This is Frank love. Take care.

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