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September 29, 2011by Frank Love0


If you enjoy supporting and jumpstarting successful projects, here is a robust chance to do so.

I recently had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with an aspiring filmmaker, Nefertite Nguvu. Her new film, In The Morning examines the complexities of love from the perspective of three women in the midst of a hard won self-transformation. Weaving together three stories over the course of one day, the film portrays the drama of love and life transitions, yielding insight into personal growth and the power of choice and action.

In the Morning charts the emotional anatomy of multiple relationships. Passion, sorrow, joy and brutal honesty fuel the lives of a group of five New York City friends – Harper, Ravi, Fez, Bly and Amara – when they gather to bid farewell to one of their own and debate the compromise and loss of their youthful ideals about marriage, fidelity, life and love. Two lovers, Malik and Cadence, meet to ceremoniously end a whirlwind romance that has collapsed under the weight of fears, obligations and regrets. A couple, Zuri and Leal, sift through the remains of their broken relationship as they try to make a life altering decision, journeying through the bitter heartbreak that comes with faded love, disintegrated trust, and dreams abandoned. For everyone and all, life will be indelibly altered in the morning.

Filmmaker Nguvu has always been attracted to intimate stories with an incredibly rich emotional presence. Fascinated by the landscape of the human heart and mind, she seeks to create films with complex, layered characters that take her on their own journey. In The Morning is universal, touching on something we’ve all wrestled with, a battle we’ve all sometimes won and sometimes lost, about the terrible/beautiful animal we call love. It explores the ever-changing nature of romantic love, but it’s ultimately about the profound power of self-love, self-actualization. Nguvu’s hope is that In The Morning will spark conversations about the beautiful moments in our lives and loves when we are required to be brave, brave enough to change.

Nguvu notes, “Now, more than ever, we need authentic images that represent the breath, depth, and scope of the lives of people of color. Hollywood presents a very narrow vision and version of what those stories can be. It really is up to us to change this dynamic and create the films we want to see. In The Morning illuminates an underrepresented facet of African-American life and presents thoughtful, complex, three-dimensional characters.”

Nguvu is in on the last leg of a grassroots fundraising campaign of production of her film, In the Morning. I am happy to help and I hope that you will too. To do so, please visit this link and make a contribution. To date she has commitments of approximately $18,648. She has less than two days (from the date of this blog’s publishing) remaining to get the film fully funded (an additional $6,352) or else all contribution-commitments made to date will be nixed and alternate funding will need to be sought. Please help her make her passion a reality. If you enjoy supporting and jumpstarting successful projects, here is a robust chance to do so.

It is my sincere hope that our collective efforts can jumpstart her dream, and that her project will inspire Powerful Partnerships all over the place.

Please support this project.

Keep Rising,


Frank Love

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